Gavin and Gracin

how they asked

Picnics have always been one of our favorite afternoon escapes. Gracin’s birthday was a few days after this Sunday, which made a perfect excuse to not only have a picnic but also bring a gift bag that her ring was hidden in. So there I was, nervously pacing back and forth in my kitchen until the time finally came to go surprise her at work and head to Jekyll Island.

Everything after that is somewhat a blur but I remember handing her a scrapbook I made of some of my favorite memories and milestones and nervously waiting until she flipped to the last page which read “we’ve had some amazing memories, but I’ve been looking forward to this one for a long time – 06.03.18 the day I asked you to be my wife”. She finally got there (I think) and I nervously dug around in the gift bag, pulling out her ring and trying to hold back tears.. after that, I truly believe I blacked out.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Jekyll Island Club Hotel

I don’t remember much of what I said but I do remember her tackling me and crying her eyes out. Afterward, I surprised her with dinner with all of her family and friends. It was such a great night, I’m still over the moon.

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