Gavin and Chloe

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How we met

Chloe: I met Gavin in junior high. We were just friends through classes and mutual friends. Our love story truly began when we were in high school at just 16 years old. It was innocent grade school flirting that lead to class projects together and Gavin asking to share my locker with me. Gavin was the HS quarterback and I was captain of the cheerleading squad, seemed like a perfect match. It’s silly to look back on it now that it could actually lead to forever love, but it did. Soon enough we started dating and the rest was history.

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Gavin: Chloé and I were in a bunch of classes together in middle school and in high school. She cheered and I was on the football team so we ended up spending a lot of time together in high school. Junior year I asked to put some of my books in her locker because it was closer to our classes than my locker was. Chloé would decorate that locker for me on game days for football and basketball. We started hanging out after school a lot once I got my license and that’s when we really got close. We did a few projects together, hung out on the weekends, and were always texting each other. That’s when it clicked and I finally had enough courage to ask her to be my girlfriend. From then on we have been inseparable.

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how they asked

Chloe: Gavin set up a dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant in Morristown, NJ; Jockey Hollow. The plan as Gavin told me was to “celebrate me receiving my Doctorate”. It was a really fancy 4-course meal and we had such a beautiful seat right next to the window. I loved it! After dinner Gavin wanted to take a walk along the front of the restaurant where there was a fountain and pretty lights hanging for the holidays. Towards the end of the walk Gavin got down on one knee while he had a photographer hiding out in the bushes taking pictures of it all.

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What an amazing way to remember the night and capture our moment. We then had a mini photo shoot outside. Afterwards we walked to a nearby restaurant for drinks where Gavin had both of our families there waiting to surprise me for an immediate celebration! I thought it was a perfect mix between and intimate proposal and having my family and friends there to celebrate. Now we’re planning our wedding to be on the same date as our first kiss, 9 years later.

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Gavin: Ever since Chloé and I started dating in high school I knew she was the one. She is that person I always want to be around, no matter how I felt. I had been asked multiple times over the last couple of years, “Hey, when are you going to pop the question?” I always shrugged it off because I didn’t know when I would. I wanted to make sure I was in a good position to be able to start our lives together without having to delay for that. It was around the middle of 2016 and I knew that I wanted to finally ask Chloé to marry me. She had just finished her board exam and was going on a trip to Miami with her friends. With her being away this was the perfect opportunity to speak with her dad. I called him one morning, went to speak with him (excited and nervous), and got his blessing. I also wanted to involve her 2 older brothers and get their blessing so I called them with even more nerves. That same day I went and picked out the perfect ring. I left or work a few days later and while away I planned a dinner reservation at Jockey Hollow in Morristown, NJ for Chloé and me to “celebrate her passing the boards.” Little did she know the night was for something else. I also planned for both her family and my family to be waiting at a restaurant just down the road to celebrate afterwards because I knew how much her family means to her. During our dinner I was a nervous wreck. Normally a big eater, I couldn’t even force myself. I played it off as if I was full from earlier that day. After dinner we took a walk to tour the grounds of the restaurant. I had hired a photographer to be waiting outside to capture the moment.

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We were walking for a little when all of sudden I pulled her towards me. With my heart pounding, I told her how much I loved her and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, that’s when I went down on one knee. After a few photos with the photographer, we made our way to get a drink and celebrate. Waiting for us were both of our families to celebrate and cap off the best night of my life to this day.

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