Gary and Brittany | Birthday Party Surprise

Image 1 of Gary and Brittany | Birthday Party SurpriseHow We Met: My best friend Sarah told me to visit a local church with her because she wanted to join a youth group that her best friend Nico went to & they also do outreach by giving bread every Sunday after church! The first time we went to the youth group meeting Gary (my fiancé) came up to me and my friend and asked if we wanted to give bread out to people who live in tents a town over .. I knew he was someone different, not like other guys .. He gave out bread & also ran the youth group! That next Sunday after church he took me, my friend and another volunteer to hand out bread – after we went to dinner! I thought he was already taken when he answered his phone and said “ya I’ll go to the movies with ya tonight – I’ll pick you up!” I was super bummed. I thought he could be the one just from spending one day together! He then asked for my number so he could keep in touch and grab dinner .. I told him I didn’t want his girlfriend to think something was up. He said “what girlfriend ” I said “the one on the phone .. MOVIES!?” He said it was his dad and they have father and son nights!! We started dating a week later .. And now four and a half years later – ENGAGED!

Image 2 of Gary and Brittany | Birthday Party Surprisehow they asked: My boyfriend (at the time)…his mother was planning a dinner cruise for his 25th birthday party – she asked me to invite everyone I think he would want there as well as my family .. I was so excited to have everyone all together for the first time – the day of the event my sister insisted on doing my hair and makeup saying she wanted me to look great, especially since I haven’t met a few of his long distant aunts! Well .. what I thought was his surprise “birthday dinner ” happened to be the night he would pop the question! He found out 4 days before the surprise dinner what was going on … He didn’t plan on popping the question til fall because he knows it’s my favorite season – but he figured what better surprise because I would have no clue – he was right ! Not a single clue … The night was absolutely beautiful. The sunset was perfect, everyone was having a great time, dinner came out and everyone was dancing then the DJ told us to take our seats because dessert was about to start .. So we all sat down and then the waiter came out with a cake and put it in front of me. I looked at him like he was crazy. I was like no no it’s not my birthday then someone told me to read the cake that said WILL YOU MARRY ME! The DJ was even in on it she had a romantic song playing – needless to say I said YES! Everyone was crying even those who weren’t in our party! I was so happy my family and close friends were there to witness this amazing moment!

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