Angelika and Gary

How we met: We both went to the same school for undergrad, but that’s not how we met. The year he graduated from UCLA was the same year I enrolled so we were never there at the same time. However, we did have a lot of mutual friends and would often come across each other at social gatherings.

One day, while attending a mutual friends birthday party he was there as well and we ended up sitting at the same table with friends. We didn’t talk long or at all for the rest of the night since we were there with our own group of friends, but something sparked! The next day he found me on Facebook and sent me a message. We went out on a date the following week and the rest is history.

how they asked: It was 2012 and we had already been together for a little over 2 years. We would have talks about marriage and Gary would often say, “it’ll happen next year”. I had no idea that when he said next year he literally meant right when the clock struck 12 on New Year’s Eve! The weeks following up to New Year’s Eve I had a feeling something was going on because everyone including my own family were acting funny. The last week of 2012 I got really sick with the flu and spent the whole week in bed!

Luckily I was much better by December 31, 2012. Gary calls me at home and tells me to get ready around noon because he was going to pick me up and take me out to a nice place for lunch. So I got all ready and felt excited to finally get out of the house after spending a whole week inside. We drove all the way to Westlake Village from Glendale, California where I live. He took me to a beautiful restaurant, Boccaccio’s, by the lake. It was definitely a very romantic lunch date.

I knew he was about to propose as we walked by the swans in the lake. The scenery just felt right for a perfect proposal. He reached in his pocket and my heart skipped a beat…except he took out his phone and said “let’s take a picture”. You can imagine just what I was feeling right there! Well, we took some pictures, took a stroll by the lake and then he dropped me off home.

I felt confused and a little disappointed. Later that night, his mom had invited my family over to their house where my husband lived to ring in the new year together with their extended family. Dinnertime was nice but still no news, we went into their living room right before midnight where we got ready to countdown to 2013.

We started counting down I was near my mom and brother. As soon as we said “Happy New Year!” I walked over to Gary who was standing by the Christmas tree to give him a hug. Instead he goes down on one knee and proposes with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen! I was in shock because he caught me off guard! I knew he would propose soon but for some reason he mislead me when he didn’t propose in the morning during our lunch date.

Image 1 of Angelika and Gary

I was so happy though that he chose to propose with all of our loved ones around us to capture that moment. It was a blurry night for me just like this photo, but the night became extra special and even more memorable.

Photo by: Sakosan