Garrett and Courtney

How We Met

It really started 4ish years ago when I walked into a local church called The Flood. My friend and I would attend the evening service, every time we went we saw the beautiful 6’7″ tall man. He would always be the loudest signer during worship and his heart for the Lord shinned so brightly. He had a girlfriend, so for 2 years we would Insta and Facebook stalk this man. He had no idea I was alive, but I sure knew he did. Fast forward to June in 2015, I received a random follow on Insta, and literally died when I saw it was the 6’7″ tall beautiful man I would drool over at church. I thought to myself “Oh, heck yeah you can follow me. I have only waited like 4 years of this.” I click the green check mark and let him follow me. I quickly followed back and after a few cheeky picture likes years deep into each others profiles he ended up messaging me. The message was along the lines of “Hey, we have a mutual friend Emily and I saw the picture she posted of you and thought dang she’s beautiful, I wonder if she loves Jesus. So Hi I am Garrett.” He eventually got my number and we exchanged a few texts and then for some reason I was over it. I started dating someone else for a few months. Now fast forward to November in 2015, I was having a wine and pizza night with my girlfriend and we decided I should text him in my tipsy state. So I did and two days later we were sat at a local coffee shop having a four hour long coffee date. He went home from that date telling his mom “I thinks she’s the one” and I went home saying “You all think I am loud, you should meet him.” Deep down we both new we had found some one who was like any other person on this planet. We both left that date wanting more time with each other. Over the next few months we fell in love very quickly, telling each other “I love you” in the first month. Although our love was quick it did not happen smoothly. We hit major bumps in the road; however, we both remained steadfast in prayer surrendering the relationship to the Lord. Releasing our control to the Lord is the only way we have made it here today. Every time we came out of a dark season our relationship was so much sweeter. It was like we were in the honeymoon phase all over again. Here’s me and my banging Fiance!

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how they asked

On March 19, 2017 I woke up got ready for church and ran out the door. I was meeting the sweetest friend for brunch. She kept sending me texts that read “It’s a perfect day to dress up with my best friend” and “wear heels with me.” So not like her. Garrett was Supposed to be in Big Bear at a bachelor party (it was a lie). As Mackenzie and I sipped on mimosas during brunch I was venting to her on frustrated I was that Garrett hadn’t proposed yet. Seriously as I was speaking these words the waitress appeared with a golden envelope that had a pocket watch wrapped around it.

The first letter sent me to where we shared our first date. So Mackenzie and I hoped in the car to rush to our next destination. The barista was waiting there for me with another golden envelope. This envelop sent me to where Garrett asked me to be his girlfriend. In the car we went to the next destination where my sweet mom was waiting to give me the next envelope. Immediate tears started rolling down my face. My mom embraced me with excitement has she handed me the third envelope. I was so eager to see Garrett at the point, but was also trying my best to remain present not missing a single part of this special day.

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The third envelope sent me to the Coy Pond in Balboa Park where Garrett told me he loved me for the first time. My precious dad was waiting for me with the fourth envelope that sent me to Japanese Friendship Gardens. The fella at the information booth at the fifth envelope for me that sent me down the path in the Friendship Garden. Along the way there were more letters tacked to a few of the trees. When I finally got to the bottom my handsome man was waiting for me.

He said a lot of lovely things I can only barely remember and then said “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”. I couldn’t say “YES” fast enough.

Garrett put so much thought and planning into this down to the little details and that is what made it so special.