Garrett and Brooke

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How We Met

I met Brooke through friends of a friend. She actually dated a guy that I knew for a very brief period of time. I knew from the very first time I saw her, that I desperately needed to get to know her. After her short stint with said guy, I knew I would have only a brief opportunity, so I made my move. Through much coercion, I finally found myself on a double date. From then on out, things seemed to move like clockwork. One date quickly turned in to 2, and two turned in to many long night’s spent shares life stories and talking about where we saw ourselves in five years, sitting in her parent’s driveway. Since Brooke was still in high school, her parents weren’t too keen on the idea of her dating a guy in college. I am a year older than her, one years exactly. We share the same birthday. While their weariness of my quickly wore off and I soon became just another member of the family. Things from then on out seemed to move much quicker, as high school became just a distant memory and all we could think about was living it up together at Appalachian State where we spent the majority of our relationship. While I wish I could say that our journey has been nothing but butterflies and rainbows, it didn’t take me long to realize that Brooke was the girl that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And that has all brought us to this point, 12 days away from our wedding!

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how they asked

Boone, NC and Appalachian State University always has and always will be a place that is held very close to our hearts. The small little college town that no one has ever heard of, is where Brooke and I grew up together. But it is absolutely the place where our relationship grew into what it is today. So, I knew from the moment I decided to ask Brooke to marry me that I would have to take her back to this special place.

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But I knew that I couldn’t do anything cliche like put it up on the big screen at a football game. So I got to thinking and finally decided on the spot I did. The location was a place called the Sunalei Preserve, just north of Boone. It is a private community, that I was for fortunate enough to make connections with the owners, during my time selling real estate while at App. And the clubhouse for this development just so happens to be one of the highest livable structures in the state. So, I knew it would be the perfect spot. Now the question was; how do we get Brooke to Boone, and to this clubhouse without having any suspicions.

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Getting her to Boone was easy, I just planned the event around our homecoming football game! And then I used the old real estate company I worked for in Boone and came up with a fake marketing event that we desperately needed to attend in order for me to “acquire further networking opportunities.” The plan worked flawlessly until Brooke found out that she would be able to tailgate for the game but wouldn’t be able to attend the game. Oh and the fact that she needed to wear a dress to this event.

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She was dead set on wearing jeans and heels. However, after pulling her away from the football game, coercing her into a dress, and dragging her 30 miles out into the Appalachian mountainside, we were finally there. And still, Brooke was without a clue. I furthered my networking event ploy, to convince Brooke that the drone flying around was to gather “marketing footage.”

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That also helped us get Brooke on the deck of the clubhouse where she thought we were acting as human props for the new video brochure that was being shot during the event. The rest goes without question. That’s how I asked.

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