Gargi and Jaimin

How We Met

So it’s kind of funny, a little over two years ago Jaimin added me on Instagram and insisted that I popped up in his “suggested friends.” Shortly after, he started messaging me and I thought it was cute. I paid him no mind and our conversations were slightly dry at first. He was persistent and we would message each other back and forth. After a couple of weeks of talking, we came to the point of having genuine conversations and decided to meet.

We decided to have our first date at Stuff Yer Face, a college bar in New Brunswick. A few drinks in we realized we were complete opposites, but we couldn’t stop talking. We ended up being the last ones to leave the bar. That one date somehow turned into us talking nonstop and meeting up every chance we got. I fell for him shortly after the night he called me outside my house and we sat in his car talking and listening to music until sunrise.

How They Asked

Few weeks before the proposal I would try to throw questions and hints about when we would be taking the step further and he would push them off, making it seem like it would be years before we take that step. Not knowing, he was working with our friends and family all along to make this day perfect for us. We had planned to spend that day in the city as a relaxing staycation.

Gargi's Proposal in Central Park, NY

We went to brunch and afterwards, we had checked into the hotel. As we got into the room he said he had to use the bathroom. He was in there for 30 minutes, which is usual (lol). He told me afterward he was just trying to stall since we were ahead of his schedule since brunch had ended early.

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He finally got out and we headed into Central Park. I thought he was acting weird because he was walking super slow and texting on his phone, but then again this was typical so I brushed it off. I suggested once we entered the park that we turn left but he said no let’s go right and I followed, not thinking anything of it. As we were walking I noticed someone singing and flowers set up and joked about someone proposing. As we were passing by he pulled me and started walking closer to the center of the setup and my heart dropped. I started shaking, questioning if this is real since he likes to joke around a lot. I kept asking “is this really happening?” I was in denial and shaking as he’s trying to hold me together. Then he gets down on his knee and finally asks me if I would want to spend the rest of our lives together and I said yes!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Central Park, NY

Although we may be complete opposites when it comes to 9 out of 10 things, the one thing we adore in each other is our aspirations to help others. Jaimin has known since one of our very first conversations that I have a passion for helping others and animals; especially dogs. Not only did he surprise me with the proposal and the ring of my dreams, but he also gave me paperwork to a non-profit organization he registered for us so that we can make my passion into something even more. #fureverandalways

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