Gardenia and Nicholas

Where to Propose in At home in our kitchen

How We Met

We were in the same kindergarten class in Mill Valley, Ca back in 1991. I moved away in 3rd grade and eventually came back to the area in middle school but by then he was Mr. Popular and I was wearing overalls, not in the cute way, but more like the really awkward way. High school happened, college happened, moves to Los Angeles happened and then Tinder happened. God bless geolocation because we were 5 miles from each other and and we swiped our way back into each other lives. On our first date he took me to frozen yogurt even though he’s slightly lactose intolerant (and still eats ice cream with me whenever I want it) We did the casual dating thing for a few months but then one day in December 2013 casual just didn’t feel right anymore and we made it official. This also happened on the night before he left for a week long work retreat which also had no cell service; he maintains that he mentioned this very important detail to me, I swear that had I known I would not have freaked out to the level I had; so far that has been our only major disagreement :)

how they asked

After three years of easy-breezy, the last year of which revolved around me bugging him about locking it down, he lovingly said “calm down” and I put it on the shelf. Then on an average Saturday morning he proposed in our kitchen. I was washing the dishes that we constantly Ro Sham Bo over and there he was down on one knee. He designed the exact ring that I wanted and even if he hadn’t or if it was a ring pop my answer would still have been, “Yes!! of course.”

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