Galina and Mark

how we met

We met a few years ago when Mark was in medical school and I was in pharmacy school in our early 20s. at the time we were also both dating other people. mark came back to NY after medical school in st Lucia and rotations in Atlanta and reached out to me via my best friend and on facebook. our first date was magical because after dinner we went to play corn hole and I won or so mark claims he let me win! mark still claims that I always had a crush on him throughout the 8 years we’ve known each other! Ha! ever since then we’ve been inseparable and have traveled the world together and we re so excited to continue spending our lives together!

how they asked

When I first contacted our photographer I was set on proposing in front of the famous Bellagio fountains on our visit from New York City on Valentines Day. It poured rain ALL day from 5 am into the evening so the fountains outside weren’t going to work.

Marks parents were staying at The Wynn where they had decorated for the Chinese New Year and there was a colorful, fun carousel that he instead decided on.

I was in town for a work conference so was just expecting to work all day and explore with him at night. We were “going out to a nice dinner” when Mark asked a woman to take a photo of us, it turns out it was one of the photographers and the other snuck around the corner with his camera. Mark turned to me, got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I was completely clueless, started crying and jumping up and down and nodding while saying “yes, yes, yes!”

We got some photos then we all headed upstairs to tell his parents. On the way up I said “I have to FaceTime my mom” he told me just wait until they were upstairs. We got to the room went into the living room and there were my parents waiting to congratulate us. Needless to say it was a very special Valentines day to remember.

Special Thanks

Ross Kyker Photography
 | Photography
The Wynn
 | Venue