Gail and Eric

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How We Met

Despite both having gone to Rutgers University during some of the same years, Eric and I did not meet until I began working for our current employers. Eric had been working for this company for 3 years already, and thus was an excellent resource for me to go to for information and questions, and that’s where our relationship stayed for almost a year. I and the two other new employees were welcomed into the ‘cube farm’ friendship circle and with all of us being still relatively young with few obligations at home, we would try and do a happy hour or outing every few weeks. Most often this would include happy hour for dinner and drinks and then going to see the newest movie. It was through these outings that Eric and I began to talk a lot and realize how much we have in common (we both love movies, Disney, Marvel, board games, dogs, our families, etc). Our friendship blossomed from only talking and hanging out with the group, to talking all the time in person at work or over text while home, to going out to the movies just the two of us to movies that the rest of the group did not want to see but we did! Within only a few short months, these feelings for each other began to grow past just friends and we decided that we should giving dating a try since we had such amazing chemistry. Within months we had moved in with each other, a few months later adopted a cat and then a dog, and then about a year later we even bought a house! Our friendship blossomed into the most loving relationship, with the best part being that we’re still each other’s best friends!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World, Florida

Gail and Eric's Engagement in Walt Disney World, Florida

Gail's Proposal in Walt Disney World, Florida

how they asked

When Eric texted me in March 2017 asking if I wanted to go to Disney in late May to use his aunts points, I screamed with excitement. OF COURSE I want to go to Disney, I love Disney! I had made a quick thought of ‘will he propose on this trip?’ but Eric quickly shut down any of those thoughts by telling me not to expect any thing like that on this trip. Nonetheless, I was still very excited for a much needed vacation to Disney after all the stress of the house buying process.

Eric did an EXCELLENT job keeping this a secret, or i’m just incredibly oblivious. I had no clue that he had bigger plans for our simple vacation to Disney with his sister and her girlfriend. I really thought we were just taking a simple vacation and that he would propose at a later point in time; however, I still had a little bit of hope it might happen! And it did happen! It was perfect!

We were in Disney for the Flower and Garden Festival in Epcot, and the France Pavilion had a beautiful Beauty and the Beast topiary (Belle is my favorite Disney Princess!). We waited for Emily and Chandlar to meet us in Epcot for the day and we headed over to the France Pavilion so we would get a nice photo (rather than a selfie) in front of the Beauty and the Beast topiary. Right when Emily and Chandlar said they had taken the photo, Eric gave me a kiss and then dropped to one knee. I was in SHOCK, I was speechless (that’s a first) and when he asked me if I would marry him I nodded my head YES, and he put the most gorgeous ring on my finger and as he stood up and kissed me, the whole crowd that had gathered during this time started cheering and clapping, it was so surreal! I was shaking for a good 2 or 3 hours after the fact, I could not believe that I was ENGAGED to my best friend and love of my life.