Gaby and Noah

Marriage Proposal Ideas in My sister's house

How We Met

We met almost 8 years ago at work! He was a head bartender and I was a server attending a local University. After dating a few months, and we realized we had something special, we agreed to take our relationship to the next level. However at the time at this restaurant, bartenders were not allowed to date servers. One of us had to leave, so I quit, but corporate had already learned about our relationship. Two days after I had quit, my fiancé called me and he said ‘Woman, you better be worth it…’ The one and only job he has ever been fired from, and it was for me. To this day, when we tell this story, I say ‘ __ years later, I think I was worth it…’

how they asked

He planned a perfect New Years Eve proposal with my entire family present!! And despite everybody knowing for weeks, nobody gave it away. We were both getting over a cold, and his story the entire day was after the New Year’s Eve dinner I wanted to have with my family, we would come home after, and bring in the New Year together. Little did I know! We arrived at my sisters and the house was beautifully decorated with what to me appeared to be New Years Eve decorations. And knowing my sister, it was nothing out of the ordinary for her to have wanted to decorate her house with New Years decor. Only later did she point out the tiny diamonds she had spread out over the table which was the one big hint of what was to come. My fiancé being the best drink maker, made us all a drink, and when they say it all happens so fast it felt like a blur, did I finally understand what that meant. The toast was a proposal from the love of my life! And of course I said yes! And my family was there to witness it all, which made it even more special. A night of celebrating and bringing in the New Year as a newly engaged couple was a night I will never forget!