Gaby and Liandy

Gaby and Liandy's Engagement in Opa Locka Airport // FlyNYON Helicopter Flight

How We Met

I met Liandy when I least expected to meet him. Although our story was not a love at first sight story, Liandy knew about me before I even knew who he was, because of a mutual friend. Cesar (our mutual friend), had told Liandy how he needed to introduce him to “the love of his life, his future wife.” Mind you, I’ve known Cesar for almost about 4 years prior to that and never once was Liandy brought up. It was a Saturday on April 20th, 2013. Cesar had invited me and my family which are close to enjoying an afternoon of hamburgers, karaoke, and video games. If you guys do not know yet, Miami is a very humid city, so you are bound to have frizzy hair after about 2 hours. I think I had been at his house for about more or less four/five hours when late, Liandy shows up.

Now, I know exactly what I was doing because it’s still to this day the single MOST embarrassing day of my life, but let’s not get into detail about that… Anyways, long story not that short, it was not until almost a year later that my relationship with Liandy went from being friends to talking almost every day. I cannot say every day, because to this day my father is a very strict, old-fashioned kind of man, and he was not very happy when I, the youngest out of four children decided to be the first to tell him I was interested in the guy who had been coming over most weekends to hang out with my siblings, Cesar and I for the past year. Making our relationship a little tougher than we both had in mind. But, with a lot of patience and I mean A LOT of patience from Liandy, love, and communication, we made it through the rough patches and now Liandy and I can say we have been to hell and back, stronger than ever and with much love and respect for one another.

It was not until May 30th, 2016 that my father whom we both respect so much and would not do anything to get on his bad graces, allowed Liandy and I to make our relationship official in front of close family and friends. Even though after Liandy’s many attempts and many NO’s from my father, we never cut off any communication nor stopped seeing each other. We were determined to stay together despite all of that.

how they asked

Liandy, my now FIANCÉ, had been trying to propose for the past maybe 8 months before the day he proposed. He wanted to make sure everything was perfect, such as the ring, weather, occasion and most importantly, making sure all our family and close friends could attend.

On May 30th, the day of our official 2-year anniversary, I had gifted Liandy 2 tickets to a doors-off experience in Miami. Which he was so excited about since he had surprised me earlier this year to the same doors-off experience in New York City. The night of June 1st, 2018 we had dinner with family and close friends to celebrate 2 amazing years together. It was news to me on the day that he proposed that Liandy was planning to propose the next day, June 2nd, 2018…

Unfortunately, on the way home from dinner. I got in a car accident in which I got injured badly, mostly on my face, head and nose. The accident had pushed back the proposal, in which I was never aware of. I was really bummed out during the few months after the accident because even though nothing major happened, other than a hemorrhage on my left eye and my nose being dislocated, in which I had to get surgery, that caused more bruising on my face and a cast on my nose for over two weeks. Liandy did not for one second leave my side, he was always there when I needed anything. Still with bruises all over, he made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

2-3 months passed after the accident and I was a lot better, plus little to no bruising on my eye. I began to tell Liandy that we should book the helicopter since it was summer and the sunsets had been to die for. Plus, I did not want to lose the tickets for taking such a long time to book them. He told me to choose a day and to book the, since I was the one who purchased them. But, we had to keep contacting the company to cancel the flight since we had been having bad weather and it had been raining almost every day in Miami for almost a month of booking the flight. Until we decided to book it two weeks ahead of time on October 20th, 2018.

Now, I was completely unaware of everything that had been going around the week of our helicopter flight, even though Liandy said he was nervous all week long and started being distant, I couldn’t tell. But, since I was so focused on my sister’s engagement happening October 28th, 2018, the following week, I did not think for one second Liandy would be dropping on one knee, nothing
had mattered more than her engagement coming out PERFECT! Obviously, I was excited since I did LOVE our first helicopter experience in New York. But I thought it was just going to be a helicopter ride, nothing more had crossed my mind.

On Saturday 20th, 2018, I was getting ready because Liandy had called me and told me to be ready by 2:00 P.M, he wanted to grab a quick bite at a restaurant by Doral before we went to the Opa-Locka Airport, which was where we needed to go to catch the helicopter flight. I did not see it as something unusual since we liked trying different places to eat. Initially, I had plans to go with him and my sister Adriana the day of. But… Adriana had a change of heart out of the nowhere that morning, which made me extremely
mad! I couldn’t take my mom because she had an appointment booked for 1 month prior to the date. So, I asked my oldest sister, and with some begging, she decided to accompany me and Liandy.

Liandy picks me up at 2:34 P.M. as usual, I said bye to my dad, which earlier that day he was not feeling so well, since the night before he has hurt his wisdom tooth. Once we arrived to Opa-Locka, we end up eating at Sushi Sake, because he said if we would have gone “to the other restaurant” we would have not made it in time to the helicopter flight. I was not bummed because e I LOVE SUSHI. Once we finished eating, it was probably like 4:30 P.M, we headed out to the airport, Liandy was making jokes and being him as he always is. He saw a jewelry store and said “Oh look BEB, I might come, check this place out someday. I’m sure they have good prices for engagement rings.” Which brought this taught to my head “HE DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A RING?! I WANT TO CHOKE HIM!!” Following with a little push.

Once we arrived at the airport, it looked nothing like it did at New York, which is a company called FlyNYON who had their own beautiful huge building. I was confused because I was 100% sure that I had purchased the tickets with the same company as Liandy did in New York. The place did look a little sketchy, so Liandy decides to park his car, go by himself and checked out the place, while me and my sister stayed in the car waiting for him to come back. Once he came back, he tells me that it was there, just that FlyNYON uses Miami Helicopters, a third company, to take us instead of their own company and helicopters. Here, I was already disappointed because, how could I not have been told this?!

We arrived an hour and a couple of minutes early as the company stated. And I knew we were going to wait at least 1 hour and 30 minutes since the flight was not until 6:30 P.M, that’s when the sun would set that day. Once we get into the office, they helped us out super quick and made us look at the flight instruction rules and regulation video right away. In my head I was like, “They are just probably trying to kill time while I watch this video.” Once the video was done, they sent us to another room which is where we had to wait to be called outside to get on the helicopter.

While we are sitting talking to one another, the pilot comes and calls our name… I was looking a little confused as we had seriously JUST arrived and the sun was not setting anytime soon. And although I did tell the pilot that we are being called way to early, he responded that at that time we were going catch a beautiful view of Miami since the sun was still out and the sky was
clear. And I really understood that, but I was pissed because it was NOT sunset.

Anyways, as I and Liandy were walking towards our helicopter, the office manager or supervisor that day, comes running to us and started to tell us that there had been a few changes in the flight since there was too much weight and not enough space. While he is talking and asking one million and one confusing questions he asked Liandy if it was okay for him to grab my hand, and Liandy answered: “Sure, as long as you give her back to me.” While he was taking me to the back of the helicopter, he is trying to figure out loud a way on how we can fit. He opens a little door in which there was a little storage and asks me if I can get into the storage just to see if I fit, that way theirs enough space in the helicopter for Liandy to throw himself out of the helicopter. Me looking as confused as ever, I screamed “Um NO! Liandy is NOT jumping out of any helicopter. What are you talking about?!” Then he did ask me a question that was not very unusual in that situation, “Do you get dizzy easily?” In which I had answered, “Not at all, I never get dizzy.” He asked me to close my eyes for me to prove to him that I, indeed did not get dizzy easily, and told me to count to 10.

I start walking with my eyes closed and began to count “One, Two, Thr…” when Liandy told me, “Open your eyes BEB, you can stop counting now” when I open my eyes and look up to him, we locked eyes and he started to say, “You know you are the woman of my dreams, right?” While still confused because of everything that had just happened with the manager/supervisor, I started nervously laughing, when again he said, “You do know you are the woman of my dreams right?” And shaking I look around and try to process everything that is happening until I looked to my right, and I see a group of all these familiar faces, and for half a second I lock eyes with my oldest sister Valeria and it hit me as I scream “Oh my god!” While tears start to drip down my face. Liandy continues to say, “I just want you to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you…” and many beautiful words I cannot remember because I was in shock that the man of MY dreams was asking me to spend forever with him.  He continued to say, “Do not cry, because you are going to make me start crying.” And while I am trying my best to hold all those tears, is when he reached into his back pocket and takes out a small black box, starts to get down on one knee and says “Gabriela, will you marry me?” As I immediately screamed “YES! OH MY GOD YESS! OF COURSE!”

Once we took pictures with our family and friends, who in fact took time to gather around this special and beautiful moment that I had wished and waited for my whole life. My fiancé and I, jump into the helicopter with our photographer Alex as we toured over the beautiful beaches and city of Miami. And just like that my whole world changed. It was all a dream come true, the most epic surprise ever!

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