Gaby and Jeremy

How We Met

Since I got to America my church would visit his church with the youth all the time but we never looked at each other, years later my family decided to visit his church on a Saturday when they were having a party for the church’s birthday, he swears I was looking at him the whole time, but I really wasn’t lol his day, the pastor came to say hi to my family so did his whole family but him, the next day, Sunday morning he messaged me lol :D

How They Asked

We went away to a cabin in the middle of the woods in PA, my family and his family went, he knows how much I love nature and going to that cabin, on Sunday night we were all in the living room playing and our younger siblings decided to do a funny play about how we started dating, at the end of the play he got up and said “ you guys forgot the ending “ , when I looked he was on his knees with the ring, no one believed it, it was a surprise not only for me but for everyone, we all just stared at him for a minute like “ is this real “, then he some beautiful things and then I heard the words “ will you marry me?” Come out of his mouth that’s when I knew it was real, I didn’t wait a second until I said yes.