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How We Met

Zachary and I met at West View Middle School in August of 2008. He was the blonde shaggy-haired football player and I was the middle school cheerleader who always claimed to not like him. Zachary and I had every class together. Two of the classes specifically is when we became great friends. 6th grade math class. He sat right behind me and would always try to distract me! No joke, in class one time he took my UGG boot off of my foot and started drawing pictures in the material. Another class we had together was called extended skills. This class was at the end of the day where we got extra time to finish our homework. We sat next to each other in this class as well. We honestly were starting to become great friends.

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We would text each other 24/7 and talk about anything and everything. At this time Zachary didn’t have a good reputation with all the girls. Lol. He would date Someone for about 6 days then be on to the next! But I never let it be known that I liked him :) More months passed and we kept getting closer and closer. That’s when January rolled around. January 2009. I remember this day like it was yesterday! I was riding to church with one of my best friends. Zachary and I were texting of course because we always were talking.

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Zachary was in Gatlinburg, TN for a church camp. January 25th, 2009 he had finally asked me to be his girlfriend!! I was beyond excited to finally start a relationship with the boy I’ve had a huge crush on for so long! Now my parents… dad specifically…. was not as happy. He literally told me “just give it 2 weeks and he will break up with you too!” HAHA…. he really stuck his foot in his mouth on that one. 9 and a half years later we are engaged! Don’t worry about my dad now. I think he loves Zachary a little bit more than he loves me. Their relationship is exactly what any girl dreams her fiancé and dad have.

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how they asked

Our proposal planning started in October of 2017. Yep, that’s right. 6 MONTHS before Zachary actually proposed to me! Zachary’s family and my family are super close anyway. I mean why wouldn’t they. They’ve been around each other for 9 years! Zachary and I came home from school over Thanksgiving break in November. While both of our families were celebrating thanksgiving my future mother-n-law, Bonnie said “hey I have an idea. Why not all of our go on a cruise in May after Zachary and Gabby get out of school.” HECK YEAH! Why would we Turn that down?! Zachary and I (and our families) love cruising anyways so this wasn’t surprising that we were planning one. So during this time Zachary’s family is in the process of adopting a new baby. Her name is Cadi and honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Bonnie and I are SUPER close. I mean we talk every day. One day Bonnie had called me asking how my day was.

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We end up getting into the conversation that when we go on this cruise it’ll be the first time Cadi is at the beach! Bonnie suggested us getting family pictures done. She knew I wouldn’t turn that down. I’m always up for a photo shoot. Bonnie let me choose the colors that the family coordinated with. I found out later she let me pick everything out because she wanted me to have everything I wanted on my engagement day. Anyways, May 12th, 2018 rolls around. We get to Ft. Lauderdale and the plan is to wake up the next morning, take family pictures at sunrise, then hop on the cruise! We wake up on Sunday morning, May 13th to start getting ready for our pictures. We get to the beach and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The weather, the setting, and all of our outfits just flow together. We take most of our family pictures and I see the rest of the family migrating to behind the photographer… I didn’t think anything of it because Zachary and I were just talking. He grabs my hand and we start walking towards the camera.

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We walked up to a metal rose that looks just like the beauty and the beast rose… (Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite movie!!!!) the bent down to grab it. I said, “Zachary, what is this” he looks at me with the biggest smile on his face and then I knew that the love of my life was about to ask me to spend forever with him. He got down on one knee, said the sweetest words I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Of course, I said yes :) after our surprise engagement was done the surprises weren’t. Bonnie, Zachary’s mom, and Mimi, Zachary’s Mimi, had gotten the whole family matching shirts. They were yellow with “She said yes!” On the front of them.

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Mine said, “I said yes!” And the back of the shirts said, “Engagement Cruise” so, from the first day of the cruise Zachary and I were basically famous. Lol. The presents don’t stop there!! We ended up hopping on the cruise and when we got on, our door was decorated with a huge sign that said “SHE SAID YES” Zachary’s Mimi and his other sister Carly had come and decorated our door before we got there! Again the presents don’t end there!

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We went to dinner that night and there were bags and bags of presents sitting at mine and Zachary’s seats. His family had gotten me a shirt with a cute saying on it for every day that we went to an island! They got us so many cute engagement presents, and honestly, I couldn’t be more thankful for the awesome family that God has blessed me with by meeting Zachary. Our engagement is by far the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t wait to spend forever with him!ise zaxh

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