Gabrielle and Thomas

How We Met

Before my first sorority formal, my best friend in my pledge class asked if I would be interested in taking a blind date to formal. The guy she wanted to take wasn’t allowed to attend a formal without his fraternity’s pledge master (weird rule, I know), so she was looking for someone to take him. I agreed to be set up with the pledge master and met Tommy who instantly blew me away with his charm and loving personality. Although we met towards the end of the semester and lived in completely different states, we stayed in touch and dated all through college. Later, I ended up finding out that the pledge master “rule” for attending formals was completely made up by him,  just so he could have the chance to meet me.

how they asked

10-26-12 is our dating anniversary but fell on a Monday this year so we wanted to celebrate the weekend before. On Friday, October 22nd, I got home from work and was picked up by Tommy to head to a restaurant in DC for dinner. On our way there, the “restaurant” called to say they had to push our reservations back because they overbooked and were too busy at the time. Since we were so close to the monuments, we decided to kill some time walking around and sight seeing. Right when we walked in front of the Washington Monument, Tommy stopped to give me his anniversary gift. It was an iPad and on it was a video he created with home videos of me growing up and photos of the two of us throughout the years with the song that I have always wanted to be my first dance with him, playing in the background. As the video concluded, he was already down on one knee asking me to be his forever.


Special Thanks

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Personal Friend