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My dad is in stage 5 Kidney failure and in the last year has only been out of the hospital 7 of the 12 months. Shane and I had been planning on doing couple photos for months but with my dad in the hospital we always put it to the side. One day my mom was like how about we do family photos so we can remember and cherish the photos with your dad. Shane had me go get my nails done, my hair done and my best friend came over and did my make up. I could tell he was nervous but I thought he was just nervous because of the photos so I kept calling him down telling him not to worry that the photos will turn out great. We got to the lake and we took photos with my mom,my dad,my siblings and nieces and nephews. So when we got done taking photos our photographer was scrambling around so I went over to talk to my sister.

I noticed Shane doing something and I asked her what he was doing and she was like “I have no idea what he’s doing” so they called me over to come help fix the canvas board that they had set up and I stated “I don’t know how to fix the canvas”. Shane said “just come over here and look at it ” so I did. I read that three times and I couldn’t contain the tears then I looked down and I saw he was on his knee and he was asking me “will you marry me?” Of course I said YES.

I will always cherish that my dad got to see me getting engaged and that my family was there that was all I ever wanted. My dad is currently in a long term hospital fighting for his life and all he keeps telling me is that he wants to get better so he can walk his little girl down the aisle and every day I pray that he gets better so he can walk me down.

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