Gabrielle and Seth

Where to Propose in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

How We Met

We first met in June of 2014. We matched on Tinder (lol). We talked for a bit that year before fading off to do our own things. Then repeat that for two more years. Finally, on Easter Sunday 2017, Seth was working at a bar near where I lived at the time. He sent me a message for the first time in six months, just asking for me to visit him at work. I was already out with a friend (who would later become a bridesmaid in our wedding) so we decided to swing by. I walked into the bar and there he stood, cuter than I ever remembered. Grinning ear to ear, asking me for my ID even though he had known me for years. My friend and I went to sit on the other side of the bar while he did his job & suddenly there was a bomb (this bar was famous for their bombs, like shots but bigger) sitting in front of me and a text on my phone to drink up. We spent almost the whole night talking him and a friend of his at the bar, he handed me $10 to put in the jukebox & we stood over their talking about our music choices for much longer than it should have taken. It was safe to say we both knew right then and there. My friend and I left all smiles right around 1 am & I said “He’s really cute, isn’t he?” and we agreed that I should ask him to come over. So I asked him to stop by when he got off, no matter the time & he did. We snuggled and slept & the rest is history. We became a dynamic duo immediately, sharing our lives completely and without hesitation. We met the families, started doing life together as if we had been for years & it felt like we had been for years. Just over a year later, Seth decided to seal the deal.

Gabrielle and Seth's Engagement in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

How They Asked

Something that is more important to me than anything is my family and my close friends. My family took Seth in as one of their own immediately and his did the same and that is something that makes my so full. Seth knew that, so he knew that he needed to include our friends and family when he decided to propose. They made this HUGE Facebook group of all our people and planned a surprise birthday party for me on June 3, 2018. They led me to believe that we were stopping by a party for my aunt whose birthday is right before mine, before heading to birthday dinner somewhere else. I was shocked when I walked in and the room was full over 60+ people we loved. As soon as I reached behind me to hug Seth and thank him for the party, he said “No.” And then got down on one knee. I honestly blacked out, I have no idea what he said, but I know his late great grandmother’s ring was in a box in his hand and I was sobbing and just saying yes repeatedly. He got up and hugged me and we were bombarded by tears and cheers and hugs from all of our loved ones. When that settled, I took a look around the room to see that they had organized that all my favorite foods were there and my cocktail of choice was being served. We ate and drank and talked and celebrated all night. The following week I was let in to the Facebook group to see all the planning that went into it. I found out that it was actually not supposed to happen that way. Seth had been planning to propose to me at the bar that we met, but that bar had closed down just days before. Our families had banned together to find a venue and plan to make sure everything still went perfect. That makes the day even more special to me — knowing our people pulled it all together for us.