Gabrielle and Ryan

DSC_7259How we met: We met through a mutual friend at church. He got my number and we began talking and getting to know each other. After a few weeks he asked me out for coffee.

When we met I fell in love right away, and as we waited in line to order our drinks he mentioned that he was hungry and going to get a donut. Being the nurturing person I am I insisted that we go to Red Robin to get real food.

As we sat there I wasn’t very hungry so we talked as he attempted to gracefully eat a burger in front of me… it was cute.

We talked for a few hours sharing our stories, talking about family and Jesus.

As we left he said “can I see you again?”

I smiled and looked at the ground and replied “of course”

We drove away that day both knowing we were meant to be.

how they asked: As they walked along the shore of Lake Washington in Kirkland she knew something was up as she held his clammy hand. Gabi knows Ryan better than anyone and could tell he was nervous. As they strolled along on that beautiful Friday evening everything changed the moment she saw the rose peddles.


They walked across a small bridge with a trickling stream below along a path lined with Christmas lights and rose peddles. The path took them to a high top table with a black ring box atop it.


Ryan’s two musically talented roommates were behind the table with their guitars lightly pickling a melody.

She looked around and noticed Christmas lights surrounding the entire grassy opening that had a stunning view of Lake Washington as the backdrop.

Shaking with nervousness Ryan grabbed the ring box, dropped to one knee and uttered the words “Gabrielle, will you marry me?”

With tears in her eyes she exclaimed, “YES!” He replied, “May I have this dance?”

The musicians proceeded to play their song, “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles and for the first time in their lives, they danced together. Losing each other in their love filled eyes Ryan whispers “You’re going to be my wife!” and she quietly replied, “Yes, I am!”

As the song concluded they finally broke their love-locked eyes to see both their families standing close by with teary eyed excitement on their faces.

Gabi’s aunt hugged them and said, “It’s time to plan a wedding.”

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Photos by Jake Campbell