Gabrielle and Robert

How We Met: I met this amazing man last year, he was the engineer for the boat I danced on, and he just caught my eye. A few weeks later we started talking and had our first date, where we spent hours together just talking, I knew he was the one from that point on.

how they asked: Fast forward to last Thursday (8/6/15), he told me had something special for us to do (he always surprises me, so I didn’t expect what was coming). To start off our morning, we had a nice breakfast, then we got into the car and drive up to the airport (by then I was confused as to what we were doing there), and we pull up to a huge helicopter that he said we’ll be going on for an hour to take a tour around the island (we’re from Oahu, Hawai’i), so you can only imagine how gorgeous the views were up in the air.

It was an amazing experience and definitely one to remember. But this incredible day wasn’t over yet. He told me that we’re going out to dinner and to wear something nice. We pull up to the valet of my favorite restaurant, La Mer, and had a gorgeous 5 course meal overlooking Diamond Head and the Waiiki sunset. After feasting in fine French food, he took me down to the courtyard later that evening just to walk along the ocean.

Image 1 of Gabrielle and Robert

As I was taking in the beautiful night, we stopped by the pool, he put my purse down and got on one knee saying the sweetest things and ending it with “I have never been so happy in my life since I’ve been with you, you make my life complete and I couldn’t imagine spending it without you, will you marry me?”

Image 2 of Gabrielle and Robert

Shocked, excited, on the verge of tears and shaking, of course I said YES! ?? I finally get to call him my husband in February 2016 ?

Image 3 of Gabrielle and Robert

Image 4 of Gabrielle and Robert