Gabrielle and Oliver

how we met

We went to a small school (Park), since we were both kids, so we have vaguely known each other forever. We became close friends in middle school & started dating in high school.

how they asked

He took me up to our favorite spot; these hot springs in Buena Vista. It was hailing and I kept wanting to bail but he insisted we stick to the plan. We soaked for a while & then he brought me to a meadow, got down on two knees & proposed with a ring he had made for me back in high school during art class (where we started really getting close) & then he pulled out the real ring & I had always thought I would be sobbing at that moment but I couldn’t stop laughing & floating out up& of my body & then we sat by the river for a while, buzzing. We kept it all to ourselves until the next day.

Special Thanks

L. Hewitt Photography
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Baltimore Inner Harbor
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