Gabrielle and Michael

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How We Met

When we first met, we could never imagine where we would end up. At 12 years old we were just friends, when we were 14, we became best friends and after a summer of texting nonstop, and a super flirty week at band camp (Yes, band camp, he was the drum major and I was on my school’s dance team), we started dating at 15. At a friend’s party, through the loud 2009 pop hits, Michael asked, “do you want to go on a date…with me…Saturday night?” I said yes, and he smiled the second biggest smile he ever has had. As we got up to dance, ironically to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, he clarified, “you know earlier, I really meant, will you be my girlfriend,” but of course, I already knew; I already spoke “Michael” language. Michael and I have grown together and have changed a lot since high school, but our foundations are so similar.

Gabrielle's Proposal in NYC in Central park

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Proposal Ideas NYC in Central park

We both grew up in loving, huge Italian families. We both have super meaningful, strong connections with our grandparents. When we first started dating our grandparents started the “do you know this person” conversation with each other and there were dozens of connections. Having these shared familial values and culture really helped us get to know each other, and understand each other fast. Throughout high school, we learned about each other’s quirks, how competitive we were and how much fun we had together. In college, we learned how to take care of each other, get through hard times and REALLY celebrate the good times. After graduating, we started our long-distance stint, him in Gainesville in medical school, me in Tampa, starting my career. We went through the hardest times in both of our lives, losing our grandfathers who taught us both so much- especially to love each deeply and purposefully. After that tough year in 2017, we both individually, but somehow totally in sync decided to put what is really important- family, friends, love, and laughter into the forefront of our lives.

How They Asked

In December of 2018, Michael and I went to one of our favorite places in the world, Central Park in New York. I planned the whole trip (or so I thought) so I wasn’t really expecting a proposal. Well, did his reverse-psychology work or what! We walked around in the freezing cold snuggled up with each other, so blissfully happy. As we walked towards Bethesda fountain near the middle of Central Park we passed a string quartet playing beautiful music (Michael SWEARS it was “The Potter Waltz”, we are potter nerds). As I started to walk again he grabbed my hand and turned me around. He got down on one knee and, this time was clear as crystal with his words; he asked me to be his wife. I stared at him, surprised (and took a little too long of a pause) and said yes, voice shaking.

He looked up at me with THE biggest smile anyone could ever have. He then surprised me with a stay at a suite at The Michaelangelo and the BEST sushi dinner I have ever had at 15 East. We started out young- and still are, but we grew up together, changed together and will continue to grow together. 10 years full of firsts and now, we have forever to come.

Special Thanks

Ragan Henderon
 | Photographer
Sahaj Kumar
 | Best Man, & Co-Planner of the Surprise!
Nick Piloto
 | Bride's brother, groomsmen, maker of the ring box