Gabrielle and Justin

how we met

We met on OKCupid. He’d written an introductory sentence, and then a long and personal message – sometimes a rarity in online dating. I had inadvertently skipped over the first sentence and been impressed with his humor and charm in the subsequent paragraph, so we agreed to meet at a coffee shop. It was raining that day, but I’d left early and got there right on time. I didn’t see him inside, so I bought a coffee and sat at a table to wait. A few minutes later the door opened and this slightly disheveled guy came charging in, holding a bike helmet and drenched from the rain. We made eye contact, and he promptly turned and darted into the bathroom. I was confused and pulled out my phone, as I thought this ragged man looked pretty similar to the one I’d been expecting to meet. I pulled up his profile and message, and noticed an opening line I hadn’t read before, where he’d commented on my love of camping and and included the detail, “I’m currently camping while I wait for my house to close.” By the time he emerged from the bathroom, rain-drenched clothes stuffed into his backpack and hair combed back into place, I was thoroughly confused. It turned out that he was, quite literally, camping in a tent while he waited for his house to close. We talked about this and other eccentricities for hours until finally it was late and Gabrielle drove Justin and his bicycle back to his camp site and impressed him with her barely proficient driving skills.

how they asked

We got engaged in Banff, Canada after 3.5 years of dating. We’d been wanting to go for years, and he surprised me with tickets for our third anniversary (I bought him Chacos, so he definitely won the gift-giving award). The day he proposed, we spent the day skiing and he told me there was a small surprise for me for dinner. We pulled into the parking lot and I realized we were at a restaurant that was only accessible by gondola! I was giddy with what I thought was my surprise. We got to the top and walked about a mile down a long boardwalk to an overlook deck. He was walking fast but I didn’t think much of it. We got to the top and were taking pictures, and I went to take one last shot of him when he ducked out of my frame. I looked over my camera and realized he was on one knee, asking me to spend the rest of our lives having adventures together. I definitely implied yes (we can’t remember if I actually said it!) and we started to walk back to the restaurant. Justin was still walking too fast and was looking around, which I thought was kind of weird but I guess I chalked it up to adrenaline. We reached the building and got in the elevator, and I turned to him and asked if he had spoken to my dad. He started to answer as we were stepping off the elevator, but before he finished his sentence we turned the corner and my dad was standing right there, ready to celebrate with us.

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