Gabrielle and Jon Michael's Proposal in Costa Rica

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How We Met

Growing up with this guy was such a blessing. We met through our church youth group. Although he was 3 years older and usually in a different group than me, we got the chance to start to know each other. After many years of being friends, in high school, I would always joke about marrying him and would say that I liked him, even though it definitely wasn’t true at the time. Time passed and we hung out throughout the year when our mutual friends would get together, but never thought of dating. His last year and my first year of college, I walked out to the church parking lot to see him standing at a brand new car and trying to get me to go to lunch with him. I declined his offer but told him I would another day. That other day happened the next week and from that point, we realized that we could talk for hours and laugh together. We really enjoyed being together and reading the Bible together. Since we went to different schools, we had to facetime and our dates would consist of reading and praying for one another. It was truly beautiful to get to know such an amazing man after Christ’s heart. I knew from the first date that he would be by my side for the rest of my life.

how they asked

This past year has been a wonderful mess. Jon Michael has started a new job as a civil engineer in Cleveland and I moved to Costa Rica to learn Spanish and do missions. After being gone for a month and a half, he flew to Costa Rica for a weekend and took me to Hermosa beach. Walking down the beach, he started saying things like “Gabrielle, you are such a blessing in my life and so important to me” and then I realized what he was doing. He got down on one and asked me to be his wife. It means so much to me that he would fly to Costa Rica to propose.

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I found out that my roommates that met only 6 weeks ago were in on the whole surprise, too! They have been keeping it all a secret and helped make it all happen.

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Special Thanks

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 | Roommate Photography
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