Gabrielle and Jessie


How We Met

Jessie and I met over ten years ago at a the Bill Monroe Bluegrass festival. He was teaching a bluegrass music camp & I was a camper. The way he tells it, I caught his eye much before that, but I’m not so sure it happened that way. We first started dating in the 7th grade & the rest is history! Though we are from hometowns about 45 minutes from each other, we’ve lived in several places since then including Lexington, KY, Carmel, IN & now we live in Nashville, TN with our handsome puppy Monroe. I am an autism consultant and Jessie is a professional musician.

how they asked

Jessie knew that I didn’t want anything too crazy. He asked at home, on the couch, with the most meaningful, heartfelt speech. He was going to wait and try to do something a little more extravagant, but once he picked the ring up, he simply could not wait.