Gabrielle and David

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How We Met

Our story began at Pratt Institute in 2010. I was a freshman studying Jewelry Design, and he was a Sophomore studying Graphic Design. It was a Friday night party at a mutual friend’s apartment where we met, flirting over who was better at beer pong and teasing each other during the game- I was. We briefly dated in the following months, but the relationship fizzled out as David never asked me on a real date. Our paths continued to cross throughout our college years, and graduation came and went. We both were in and out of different relationships until fate stepped in again.

I had just moved back to New York City and was having dinner with a colleague of mine at The Coffee Shop Restaurant in Union Square. Coincidentally, David was at the same restaurant at the same time- on a Tinder date. When we excused himself from the table to use the restroom, he saw me at the table down the hall and texted me to say hello. After I finished dinner, I promptly texted him back suggesting we get drinks to catch up that very next evening.

We met that following night at the lobby bar of the 60 Thompson Hotel, where we drank and laughed for hours as if no time had passed at all. Since that night December 15th, 2016, we’ve been inseparable.

how they asked

The morning of March 24th, 2017 David had told me that we had brunch plans with his parents. This is how he could ensure that I would dress up; knowing that if he had told me brunch was just us or with my girlfriends then I would have gone in a top-knot and yoga pants. After I insisted we stop at our corner deli to pick up a large iced coffee for our walk to the restaurant, we cut through Washington Square Park to continue on to 5th avenue. I had already walked halfway around the fountain when David called me to come back to the center where he was standing. He casually pointed out a penny on the ground that was tails side up.

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Throughout our relationship, David and I would always pick up heads-up pennies to make a wish and collect them in a safe place. If we came across a penny that was tails up, I always told him we’d have to flip it over and leave the heads side up for the next person to find it. Seeing that the penny David pointed out was tails side up, I said to him “We have to flip it over.” As I bent to flip over the penny, I quickly realized that this wasn’t just like all those hundreds of pennies we’ve collected together. On the other side, David had hand stamped “Marry me?”.

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He promptly picked up the heads up penny I had flipped over so he could make his wish and got down on one knee. His hands were shaking with nerves so much that all I could do was grab the gorgeous ring; he had to remind me to say yes! It turns out, he was so nervous because he couldn’t find the penny and panicked as I continued to walk away! At the last second, he spotted it shining on the ground and pointed it out to me just in time. He then proceeded to tell me that this was the 8th anniversary of our first kiss in college! The kiss he continues to claim was the best first kiss of all time.

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We laughed and cried in the Park while a photographer captured the moment in its entirety. We then went back to our apartment to pick up our dog Meiko and had a photoshoot around SoHo to ensure we’d remember every detail forever. Afterward, we celebrated over champagne and macaroons at Lauduree. In the evening, we continued the celebration with more champagne with my brother and his wife at Airs Champagne Parlor in Greenwich Village. We plan to marry in a winter wonderland wedding in December of 2019.

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Special Thanks

Adam Schnee
 | Photographer