Gabrielle and Cody


How We Met

As crazy as this sounds, we met at work. I was the new hostess at a racing track and it was my second day. I’m super shy and don’t talk too much unless I’m completely comfortable around you. So when we got introduced, I didn’t say much. I almost felt intimidated because he was so good looking. As days went on, I noticed I started to open up and talk to him more and eventually started flirting with him, (I couldn’t help it). Every day when I would come into work I would ask the other hostess’ if they knew what instructors were working because I couldn’t wait to see him. As time went on, things started to develop and one of his friends got my number for him.

I guess you could say I made him a little nervous too. We slowly started texting and followed each other on social media. About a week after he asked me out on a date, but I gave him an excuse and didn’t go. He tried again and I gave him another excuse. He asked one more time and I gave in. You can’t blame me though; he was so good looking, made me nervous (in a good way) and gave my stomach butterflies. I truly think I was just nervous I was going to say something silly or make a fool of myself.


how they asked

I had just gotten out of major surgery and had been in the hospital for a little over week. The recovery process took just as long. About a week after I got my staples removed, Cody had asked me to go to dinner. I wasn’t really feeling it, due to the whole restriction and limited mobility I had, but he convinced me it was a good idea and it would be worth it. He told me to wear a dress and do my hair and makeup and to take as long as I need. (I guess you could say, he knows I don’t like feeling rushed.) Around 6:30pm he came to my house and picked me up. We got to dinner and it was perfect. The food was great and our server was on top of everything. Cody barely touched his food and kept saying his stomach hurt. I didn’t think anything of it because he has really bad food allergies and I just thought something got mixed in that didn’t agree with him.

After dinner he asked if I would come over and cuddle with him because his stomach hurt so badly. Of course I said yes. On the way home I was telling him how I couldn’t wait to have his last name and how I was so excited to have it. We then started talking about my dream ring. I was explaining everything to him and he was just laughing. He knows when we talk about marriage, I get so excited. We talk about marriage often so it wasn’t a big deal. Eventually we got to his house. We started a movie and laid down to cuddle. Moments after his mom called for his help in the backyard (which happens all the time) so I didn’t think anything of it. She then came inside and told me Cody wanted me outside while he helped her. Funny thing is, I told her I would wait inside, but she insisted. I put my sandals on and started heading for the backyard.


I notice that there were tiki torches lighting the pathway to the pool and there were rose petals all over the floor. As I got closer I kept saying, “Cody, what are you doing?” I looked around at how perfect everything was: a dozen roses, candles floating in the pool and the sun setting perfectly behind us.


He started talking; explaining to me how there is no one else for him and how he much he loved me and got down on one knee.


I lost it. I couldn’t help but cry. I cried so hard I couldn’t open my eyes. I told him yes. I couldn’t fathom what had just happened.


My body was filled with such an inexplicable feeling, it was insane. I was so incredibly happy.