Gabrielle and Caleb

how we met

Caleb and I first met 5 years ago playing adult league soccer during winter break when I was still in college. We played each other on opposing teams and I remembered thinking “Wow, he is really cute!” We talked a little during the game and after we exchanged numbers and social media information. I didn’t really think I would hear from him again, but SPOILER–I did :)

how they asked

Caleb takes a Christmas card photo with his dog, Gus every year. This year, Caleb asked me if I would join them! We are close friends and go to church with Jen who takes AMAZING photos. I asked Caleb if we were going to have her take the photos–and he was all like “yeah, sure..if you wanna. I usually take them on my phone.” I said, “well we can just take them on your phone, that’s fine!” but of course he immediately said, “no no no! we can ask her!” The day came and we decided to go to Belle Isle in Richmond to take the photos. We got some great shots with the three of us for the Christmas Card, but then Jen recommended that we tie Gus up and she started to take some practice shots with me. Caleb came over and handed me a handwritten card and asked me to read it. While reading the card, Caleb got down on one knee! I honestly can’t remember anything he said, I must have blacked out (so thankful Jen was there taking pictures of the whole moment!). This moment was so perfect and sweet and I was so surprised! Before the proposal, Caleb knew how important my family is to me and secretly FLEW down to Georgia where my dad lives to ask him for his blessing. He also asked my mom and step-dad for their blessings–so sneaky! I had no idea!

Special Thanks

Jen Torres Photo
 | Photography