Gabrielle and Bridger

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How We Met

15 years ago we met when both of us still thought each other had cooties- in the 1st grade! From there we traveled through elementary school, those awkward middle school years, and began dating in high school. This spring we will both graduate college and I am so thrilled to say I get to marry my best friend.

how they asked

We both drove back to our hometown for the weekend to have a little break from college life. My mom and I were out shopping and getting our nails done and when we pulled into our driveway my best friend (Bridger’s sister) was waiting in the drive in her truck. My heart started beating fast as she took my hand and told me wee were going on an adventure. From there she took me to my hometown church, my high school, middle school, and Kent Station (where Bridger and I had our first date). At each stop stood one of Bridger’s friends with a rose and a ring pop and they each proposed! Of course I declined!

At one of the stops my best friend from California was there! Such a sweet surprise! Every detail was thought out and Bridger even had my sister (who lives in Chicago) send a video wishing us the best! Finally, our last stop was at the elementary school where Bridger and I met. Waiting in the courtyard of the school was the man God had chosen especially for me. As I walked down the petal and candle lined path tears were streaming down my face.

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He got down on one knee and pulled out the prettiest ring and asked me to be his wife.

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Special Thanks

Alec Moore
 | Photographer