Gabrielle and Alec

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How We Met

We were both entering our final semester at Longwood University and the first weekend back from winter break I was having a game night at my apartment. I asked my two friends Sarah and Jessica if they knew anybody they wanted to invite over because we needed one more person in order to play Taboo. My friend Sarah, who I was suitemates with freshman year, said she knew somebody who she could ask but she wasn’t sure if he’d actually come. When he agreed to come over she showed us pictures of him and I thought he was pretty cute. Not knowing that was my future husband. A little while later he came over and we ended up having a great night full of drinks, laughter, and fun. At the end of the night, he asked me for my phone number. Within a few days, he asked me on our first official date. We started hanging out regularly and a few weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend. The last weekend we were at Longwood University before graduation Alec and I was stargazing on the baseball field late in the evening and he told me for the first time that he loved me. He said he wasn’t sure what after graduation held but he wanted to make sure he said “I love you” before we graduated at the place that brought us together.

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how they asked

Longwood University every year has this tradition called Spring Weekend. It’s once a year and it welcomes back alum and is a big weekend-long celebration. We felt like it was an appropriate time to visit since we hadn’t been back since we graduated. (We graduated in May of 2015 and were attending Spring Weekend Spring of 2016.) We got to meet up with old friends who were still attending, and even other fellow alum. The first night back we decided to relive our old routine. We used to go walking around campus at night and stop in certain areas and just talk. We reached this old swinging bench and we sat there for a while and I could tell there was something on his mind. He wasn’t talking a lot and was just lost in thought. I just brushed it off and continued to talk and enjoy the evening. The next stop was the old baseball field we used to stargaze in regularly. He had a blanket with him so we set up our site and started to look at all the stars.

We were laying there for a while talking, but just like before he was so quiet so I finally asked him “are you okay?” and he just replied, “I remember the first time I told you I loved you”. I just laughed a little and said “yeah, that was nice” he then said, “I was so nervous … and I’m still nervous now”. I was a little confused so I asked “why are you nervous?” and he said, “I need you to stand up for this”… He helped me up and got down on one knee .. My heart started pounding because at that point I knew what was happening. He grabbed my hand and said “Gabrielle Nicole Espiritu, will you marry me?” I started smiling really big and said “YES!!”. After enjoying the moment for a while he said that both of our families were waiting for a phone call – they were both already aware what was going to happen that night. We called them each and let them know that we were getting married!! My mom and dad -and future mom and dad- were so excited. I was overwhelmed with joy. We decided on a fall wedding because it was our favorite time of the year.