Gabrielle and Aden

How we met: Aden and I first saw each other my Freshman year in high school (2010) when I went with a few of my friends to a bonfire. He noticed me but all I noticed was some strange guy always finding an empty seat next to me.

In May of 2011 he began dating my best friend and we were introduced at her sweet 16 party. He stood out to me but I figured that was because he was my best friend’s boyfriend. Little did know in September, a while after they had broken up, I’d began a conversation with him over Facebook that would never end. And little did I know he’d be at my sweet 16 or he’d be my date to the prom or such a wonderful man would fall in love with a little Freshman with braces.


how they asked: Aden is a photographer so he said he was hired to take family photos for a friend of ours at Wildwood Park. This was our favorite park. Every summer we’d go to a quiet and secluded steam there and skip rocks. I knew a proposal was coming when we took the path toward the stream. I saw a line of five frames laying against trees. The first one said “We’ll be together from 2011…” The second one said “2012” and so on up to “2014”. Each frame had pictures of us from that year. The last frame said, “…and for the rest of our lives…TURN AROUND!”. There he was, the man I prayed for since I was seven years old, my high school sweetheart, and now at the young ages of eighteen and twenty he was asking to spend the rest of our lives together. “Will you marry me?” “Yes, a thousand times, yes!”


photographer: brian harbauer