Gabriella and Peter

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How We Met

After many failed relationships and being ready to give up on love, I decided to give eHarmony a try in May 2017. I saw this guy who caught my eye, and we began chatting. We decided to meet up for a coffee, one Friday after work. We got on so well, and we stayed until 9 pm – 5 hours! We were both really into each other but I had been in a controlling relationship a year before and was finding it hard to learn to trust him so was shutting him off. He believed in us and gave it his everything, he worked to build my trust up, he was patient and slowly I started to come round. He told me quite early on that he loved me and that this was it for him, that we were going to be together. He also said that we’d book a holiday in September. It was still early days, so I kinda dismissed this… But then he went to LA for a family wedding in July, and that was the turning point for me, I realized how I felt for him! He was due to have a 7-hour layover in an airport but I couldn’t wait that long to see him! I booked him a train ticket so he’d be home sooner and I picked him up in the train station and we hugged and kissed, like something from a movie! Then, we booked a holiday in September… he was right!

how they asked

The holiday that we booked was to One & Only The Palm, Dubai for the end of May, beginning of June. A once in a lifetime, magical holiday! The hotel was incredible and the staff were amazing.

We had a lovely dinner and on the way back to the room, he told me he wanted to show me something. We stopped at reception and a member of staff took us to the lifts. I had no idea what was going on, but we were taken to the Presidential Suite, we arrived to huge double doors which opened into the most magnificent room. We were walking forward and the curtains to the balcony opened automatically, to reveal candles and rose petals everywhere. Michael Buble’s Hold On, started playing and he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! I thought my legs were going to give way and I forgot to say ‘yes’, he had to prompt me! We had champagne and Face Timed our families from the balcony, it was just the most magical night of my life!