Gabriella and Matthew

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How We Met

Matthew and I have been together almost three years. We met in the gym where we both worked out in Marshall, Michigan. I don’t think we could have met in a better place. We both love working out and that’s a big part of our lifestyle, so it was really special to meet the love of my life in the gym! From then we had just became inseparable and started hanging out and getting to know each other everyday. He’s always acted like a gentlemen and always treats me like a princess.

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how they asked

So Matthew’s family and I all went out to Las Vegas and California for a family trip. Matt and I have always talked about going to California someday and we have always wanted to go to the Sequoias. The day before my birthday May 8th we went to the National Sequoia Forest and his mom, brother, his brothers fiancé and myself were all there taking in all the beauty and getting family pictures. Kristin his brothers fiancé has a special talent of taking amazing pictures and she always has her camera on her. So that was nothing out of the originary being there and her already being prepared. As we came to the end of the last few pictures taken by Kristin of Matt and I, Matt had asked me which Redwood tree was my favorite, I told him I love them all! So we pose for a picture and next thing I know I turn around and he’s down on his knee!

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He said Gabriella Paige Arnold, I couldn’t ever imagine living my life without you, will you marry me? As I tried to take it all in because I was so surprised and didn’t see it coming, I honestly felt like I was in a dream of a fairy-tale, I then said yes as I was sobbing happily!

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We’ve been engaged two weeks now and I still can’t stop thinking about that beautiful day, it was the best day of my life.

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I feel so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing fiancé that gave the most beautiful proposal, in the forest of Mother Nature, where we’re the most happy! ??? He couldn’t have picked a better place and time, for two people who love exploring and being outdoors. I love him and I love that day!

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Special Thanks

Kristin Newbs
 | Photographer
Jill Carroll
 | Planning
Mark Wolkiewicz
 | Planning