Gabriella and Garrison

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How We Met

Our love story began our first semester of college. Garrison walked into the wrong dorm room while trying to meet his friends, and I was on the couch. He jokingly introduced himself as “Sam” and said he was a doctor. We came in and out of each other’s lives during the remainder of college until we realized that we had always had everything we’ve ever wanted.

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The day before graduation I got a text from Garrison asking if we could talk one more time before we graduated and he moved to Michigan for his job training. I agreed to talk and we spent the entire next week with each other. I went to Europe for the summer and he moved to Michigan to start his job, but that didn’t stop us from talking every single day. At the end of my trip, I went to Chicago. Garrison lived in St. Joseph, MI, and picked me up from Chicago. During the next week, we camped, went to the nature center, and had beach days at the lake.

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After a few days, Garrison and I talked and we agreed that this was what we wanted. Despite the distance, we wanted to be together and make it work. I went back to SC to work and Facetime movie nights became the norm. Despite the distance, we still managed to plan some adventures together. We went to Boone, the Bourbon Trail, and a few places around Clemson. Once Garrison’s training was over he moved to Dallas to start his career. I was sad that he was moving even farther away, but I was plotting the day we would once again live in the same city.

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Eventually, I decided that I wanted to move to Dallas and start a new life with my love. I told Garrison about my plan and he was just as excited as I was. It took some time, but the wait made it even better once I finally arrived in Dallas. We’ve since spent all of our free time eating our fill of tacos, hiking in Oklahoma, and exploring.

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how they asked

Living in our new city has brought us many adventures, but we also miss our families a lot. We planned a trip to Boone, NC to see our families and for them to spend some time together. Once in the mountains, we spent the whole night talking and enjoying our time with our family and friends. We stayed up way too late sitting by the fire sharing stories. The next morning Garrison woke me up and told me to come, watch the sunrise with him. I groggily agreed and crawled out of bed. We drove down the mountain and the weather was absolutely beautiful. He stopped the car at Yadkin Overlook and we got out to look at the view. We walked for a few paces and then he got down on one knee.

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My joy showed all over my face in the form of ugly crying and tears. Nothing could have prepared me for how full my heart felt at that time. My love had planned the perfect proposal in our favorite place and the ring was stunning in the early morning sunlight. I was still crying when Garrison said, “ I have one more thing for you.” We walked along the overlook a little more and there was a tiny puppy carrier nestled in the brush. I opened the top and the cutest little puppy was inside sleeping.

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This prompted even more ugly crying and the thought that my heart may possibly explode with love. Garrison turned to the woods and yelled, “Okay Eber, you can come out now.” Eber comes running out of the woods with his camera. He had been the one to set my puppy there and had taken pictures of it all. I was so grateful that he was able to capture this special moment. Everything went so perfectly I felt like I was in a movie and the best part was that we got to return to the mountain house in Boone and celebrate with all of our family! Garrison turned our perfect weekend trip into the perfect engagement and a memory I will cherish forever.

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