Gabriella and Colby

How We Met

It all began on August 25, 2012. Gabriella was unpacking her belongings in her new freshman dorm room at Marist College. The door was wide open because it was so unbearably hot. All of a sudden, a boy walked in and introduced himself as Colby. All Gabriella remembers him talking about was his mom and his car. As soon as he left, Gabriella thought what a weirdo! Well a little while later, the boy came back, this time with his roommate. Colby came into the room and said, “I just needed to introduce my roommate to the most beautiful girl in Champ (the dorm building).” Gabriella was completely embarrassed. After this moment, the two became very close friends. Well, the two did not start dating then…

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport RI

Gabriella's Proposal in Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport RI

Gabriella and Colby's Engagement in Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport RI

Where to Propose in Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport RI

How They Asked

On March 7, 2020, it was a normal day, Gabriella had signed up Colby for another 5K run in freezing cold weather that morning. In the afternoon, Colby suggested going to Newport, RI to “shop” and “get drinks.” Around 5:00, they headed to the Castle Hill Inn. Right around sunset, the two wandered out to the Castle Hill Lighthouse. After taking a selfie, Colby got down on one knee and asked Gabriella to marry him! The box was even a mini adventure book because the couple LOVES UP! Colby even hired a photographer to capture the moment and remember it forever. Colby and Gabriella’s families were there to celebrate with dinner at Forty-One North after. It was the perfect day!

Special Thanks

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