Gabriele and Reginald

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How We Met

Reggie and I met pretty typically, through friends. He had friends that lived in the apartment next to me so we ran into each other a lot. Every time we saw each other he would always ask, “When can I sweep you off your feet?” and I still said no to him after lines like that. Looking back on it now, he was always such a gentleman and it’s crazy I didn’t fall for him sooner! But he was persistent, patient, and waited 2 years for me until I was ready. We went to Lake Tahoe for the weekend for his and his friend’s birthday. It was the first time he held my hand and the rest was history. That was the beginning to our forever.

how they asked

About 4 years ago after graduating, I was planning on moving back to Seattle, WA. Reggie and I would always go on walks by the river and talked about carving our initials into a tree so before leaving, Reggie and I went to the river, found a tree on Washington street, and carved our initials into the tree. Fast forward past 2+ years of long distance, I moved back to Reno and we’ve been living together since November 2015. Reggie has a friend, Mike, from high school who is an artist/photographer who apparently needed more work for his portfolio and website and said he wanted to take photos of us. I thought, if we can help out his friend and also get pictures of us with our pup, Penny, it would be a win win situation for everyone! The next morning I asked Reggie where we were going for the pictures but he wouldn’t tell me. Once we had parked on Washington street I knew exactly where we were going to take our pictures, by our tree.

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One minute I was looking at our puppy and when I turned around Reggie was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was by far the best morning of my life!

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Special Thanks

Michael Lucido
 | Photographer
Penny Parker
 | our puppy!