Gabriela and Yoansen

How We Met

My fiancee and I met on August 5th, 2015 at my best friends house. I was going to sleep over there for like a week since it was summer and before going I remember her sending me a picture of this guy (my fiancee) and I thought he looked so bad in that picture that I told my friend that nothing was going to happen there, she said ok and to just go because we were going out at night. He is the cousin of my best friend’s dad so they also invited him to sleep over her house since he was going to sleep in a hotel because he was visiting from New York. I got to my friend’s house and when I saw him it was like love at first sight and I completely fell over him. We dated for the summer and he went back to New York. We kept texting and talking over the phone until I saw him that year in December and we hung out for while he was in Miami (which is where I live).

Gabriela's Proposal in Cancun, MX

On February of the following year my friends and I decided to go on a cruise and he added himself two days before we were supposed to leave. We were together the entire time the cruise lasted and 2 months after that he moved to Miami and officially asked me to start dating on June 5th, 2016. We were unofficially dating that entire time but it wasn’t that serious since it was long distance but we were totally crazy over each other. The thing about our story is that I believe it was destined to happen. His uncle and my grandfather have been best friends for many years. My mom and his cousin went to school together. My grandma and his aunt worked together for some years in Cuba. His mom used to teach aerobics in an elderly place where my great-grandparents used to go for some exercise. Like I said I believe there are some things that no matter what you do are destined for you. I am not sure if we are going to last forever but as for right now, I am completely and utterly in love with him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cancun, MX

Gabriela and Yoansen's Engagement in Cancun, MX

how they asked

He asked me on June 5th, 2018 on our second year anniversary. We were vacationing in Cancun, Mexico and I was honestly hoping he would propose but his responses to everything I would hint on the subject left me clueless as to whether or not he was going to. He said he had a surprise planned for me for our anniversary but I actually thought it was going to be Mariachis since we were in Mexico after all. The night before the proposal I saw a ring I fell in love with and I told him about it and how cute it was (it was nothing related to me wanting him to ask me). I was explaining to him the things I did not like about the ring which I liked for it to have little diamonds on the side of the band and he said and I quote “I already know what to get you for when I do propose”. Well, his response made me think that he was nowhere close to proposing to me.

The next day it was our anniversary and at night he took me to a very romantic dinner by the beach. The hotel photographer was there and he took some pictures of us and since he was always around I did not think anything of it. The photographer tells my fiancee to get down on one knee for the picture and inside I was like “This is the perfect opportunity for him to propose to me, if he doesn’t do it now it is not going to happen.” Well, it did not happen at that moment so I forgot about it. We sat down and my fiancee said I have something for you and someone from the hotel came with a bouquet of roses and right then and there he got down on one knee and he asked me to marry him. There was also a videographer who I have no idea how I did not notice he was there. It was honestly one of the best nights ever. I will forever cherish that moment!