Gabriela and Ornan

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How We Met

Now naturally, Ornan and myself see this story just a tad bit different. But here is how it really happened.

May 24th, Ornan walked into our church. I remember seeing him sitting there. Sixth row from the very back. I knew I knew him from somewhere, I just couldn’t remember from where (apparently he had always come to visit my church and even my house for youth events. I don’t remember. oops).

Continuing on that day, church was over and Marissa and myself decided we wanted to go have a nice girls evening.

At this point of my life, most my conversation was about wanting a boyfriend or wishing someone would just walk right into my life! So naturally, that is what we talked about for most of the day.

We enjoyed our nice dinner, and that is when we came up with the brilliant plan. (you will have to ask Marissa about this one) Let’s just say that our plan failed!

On my way to drop off Marissa, the curiosity of who Ornan was kept lingering in the back of my mind. So like the “detective” I am, I look him up! To much of my surprise, he was pretty easy to find. I take the risk, and send him a friend request on Facebook. (with the help of Marissa)
Days later, Marissa comes up to me and tells me “he accepted your friend request!!”. Secretly I was pretty excited to message him and get to know this Ornan.

We talk a few days via Facebook before exchanging numbers. Now, I do say talking but it was more like pulling teeth! This guy was hard to get ahold of. (He sees this differently)
A few weeks go by and I am still enjoying getting to know him. Everything about him is so refreshing.

Here comes July, I started feeling a certain kind of special way about him, but i was not going to allow it to happen! No No No! I fought it off as long as I could. Months went by and he just made it so hard to not like him…

He was just so sweet, so caring, so loving, just so perfect! It’s like God was telling me… “Didn’t you pray that someone would just walk right into your life for you? Isn’t that what you’re dad always said would happen?” So, I had to give him a change.

By October, I was falling in love! We weren’t even dating yet, but i knew. I knew I loved him. We both loved each other. I was just so thankful!

how they asked

The day of the proposal I spent the day with my aunt and a few of my cousins.

I thought we were spending the day out for my younger cousin Felicty, I thought she was going through some personal things and needed some girl time. (all a lie I later find out)

I was supposed to spend the day with my boyfriend, but I find out he isn’t coming into town like he has promised. (He lives out of town so we don’t see each other often)

Naturally I am upset by this, mainly because I miss him.

I end up going shopping and we enjoy our time out.

On our drive home I notice my aunt passing the entry to my house, I was a little confused as to where she was taking me.

We come up on some property I had recently purchased. We get off and they tell me they wanted to see the land.

We get off and walk into the property. I look down the hill and I see lanterns lighting up the entire way down.

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I immediately start to cry- now this wasn’t a pretty cry. This was an ugly loud cry. I just couldn’t believe it!

I make my way down to him and lightning bugs are accompanying me.

I see him standing there under one of my favorite trees. The tree is lit up so beautifully. Lights and pictures everywhere. It was better than a movie.

He walks up to me and walks met towards the sofa, music playing in the background. He proceeds to tell me how he feels while giving me gifts and reminders of our relationship. Everything so thought out and special.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Everyone involved in this day did such an amazing job. I wish I could relive it over and over again.

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