Gabriela and Mike

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Amarillo, Texas

How We Met

I met Mike the first time when he visited Union College in February of 2017 where I was attending. He had gone to visit a mutual friend we have and I guess found me interesting lol. Our mutual friend then went back home to Colorado where they met up and Mike asked our mutual friend, Anthony, to Snapchat me as they were joking around stating how cute he thought I was. I was not having the best week with school work so I was not the nicest. I remember replying with “ok cool. Good for you.” Or something along those lines. He then proceeded to add me and I sent Anthony a message saying that I would accept his snap chat request but to let mike know to not expect me to be contacting him.

Fast forward to June of 2018. I was on vacation in California. My uncle goes every year with his wife to celebrate their anniversary and he takes different sets of nieces or nephews every year. That year he took me and my brother. I was about to get on guardians of the galaxy ride when I got a snap from Mike asking if I was there because he was at the front of the line if I wanted to cut ahead. I was so excited that someone I actually (kinda) knew ended up being there while I was there that I didn’t even think about how creepy that was of Mike. (We laugh about it today and no I did not cut in line.) We both spent the rest of the day trying to meet up by going to the same rides but kept missing each other.

From that day on, we talked every day throughout the summer. He ended up transferring over to union and being a new student he had to attend classes earlier than most and since I was doing my student teaching I was also already there. For the first month of us being on campus, we only hung out with each other since none of our friends had returned yet. In September we decided to make it official.

How They Asked

I already knew it was coming, but it came a lot earlier than I anticipated. We had been doing a year of distance since I went home to teach in Texas and Mike went back home to Colorado. We both knew we didn’t want to do distance anymore so marriage had been a part of the conversation for a while. I thought he was going to pop the question in June since we would be in Indonesia for a mission trip together and some hints had been thrown out.

The week before:

My dad had asked to take my mom out to get her nails done for mother’s day since we celebrate Mother’s Day on the 10th of May. I told him I would have to wait after I finished coaching but would be glad to. That same Friday my mom text me to take her to get her nails done after work which took me by surprise. I called my best friend Nicole (who is actually now dating Anthony) and asked “Is Mikey proposing? My parents are acting suspiciously.” She reassured me that he wasn’t that she was sorry because she’s knew how bad I wanted him to but no, he was waiting till after we came back from Indonesia.

Gabriela and Mike's Engagement in Amarillo, Texas

The day of:

I was getting ready for church when my dad told me to dress nice because we would taking pictures with a family friend. I was upset because it was so last minute. I started to message that friend asking her which dress to wear for the location to which she responded her favorite dress and she can’t wait to see how these pictures turn out when I post them which rose a flag, but I didn’t have time to question because as soon as she sent that message one of my childhood best friends knock on my door with a rose and a note.

Mikey has sent him to take me around then a scavenger hunt. The first location was at Cadillac Ranch were my best friends from Keene TX, Denver Co, and Lincoln, NE was hiding behind one of the cars. The second location was at the school I was working at where my parents and grandmothers were to give me flowers. The 3rd location was at a park where our close friends and family we’re lined up on some stairs with Mike at the top. I honestly cannot remember what he said because I was in shock. I knew from the moment my friend showed up what was happening but at the moment it was so hard to focus through my emotion. I had always dreamed of the moment I got proposed to, but he went above and beyond my bringing my family and closest friends from around the U. S. to celebrate with us.