Gabriela and James

How We Met

James and I met at college in the Math tutoring center. He was a tutor and I was always in the room doing my homework. One day while I was listening to music, he came and sat next to me asking what he could help with. I didn’t need help but asked about a problem. That was the only conversation we had until a year later when I became a tutor and awkwardly introduced myself to him. A month later he asked me out and I said no. Two more times actually. Then finally he asked me out one more time during Hurricane Sandy and I couldn’t say no.

how they asked

It was our 4th anniversary and james had been bothering me for 2 weeks about taking off work to go into NYC and see the Christmas tree. I was reluctant because of the tourists and crowds but he kept telling me how much fun it would be. When we got to the tree, it was beautiful. He told me he surprised me with tickets to go to the top of the Rockefeller Center building. As we were walking around taking pictures of the tree, my cameras battery died. There were 3 couples getting engaged, one of which the bride did not look happy at all. Apparently James thought I’d get a hint but I was clueless. The view from the top of the rock was beautiful! All of New York was before our eyes. The sun was setting and the skyline lights were glowing. We were all the way on top and it was freezing! All we wanted was a picture with the background but I only had my phone and there were so many people that we couldn’t get a good spot. Finally we asked a couple to take our picture. The woman took a few and was giving the phone back but James said “That’s ok, just keep taking more pictures.” I said, “Why do we need more?” And that’s when he reached in his pocket, pulls out a little box and said, “Four years ago I asked you a question. Now I’m asking another,” he got down on one knee and said, “Gabriela Terlemezian will you marry me?” I was so shocked. I was crying hysterically, I couldn’t speak. James said “well is that a yes?” And I nodded and said “yes it’s a yes.” Then we had to rush back to NJ for a dinner reservation at a place we’ve gone to before. On the drive back I asked if our parents knew and if my parents knew. He said his knew it was today but mine didn’t know the date. On the drive I kept guessing where we were going. Before I knew it we were pulling on my street. I asked why we were going to my house. He said, “Well you know how in your Armenian tradition the grooms family has to come to the brides family and ask? Well my parents are at your house right now for dinner.” Apparently he asked my mom and dad for permission awhile before and he planned a traditional Armenian proposal for me. His parents were at my house and my mom had prepared a big delicious dinner. I walked in the door and started crying and my parents were crying and his parents were crying. It was beautiful.