Gabriela and George

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George and I met in 2003 while both attending high school in New York City. I’ll never forget locking eyes with him near Hunter College. As we were getting to know each other we learned that our families lived down the block from each other in Brooklyn. What were the odds! We had your typical high school romance which quickly fizzled. After, we lost contact. We re-connected twice- once in 2010 and again in 2014. In 2014 I took the leap to study abroad in China. Every day during the time that I was away George and I emailed. Being in relationships with other people, I knew it would not go beyond a friendship. Boy was I wrong. Fast forward to December 2015 where we decided to travel to Europe and it was in Paris where I fell in love. Everything from this point on happened so fast.

I spent months and months tagging George to engagement rings on Instagram (Lauren B ftw!) and chatting up proposal ideas because I mean what girl doesn’t know exactly how they want their dream proposal executed. It was like word vomit, any chance I had I would bring it up. Lauren B ring in a romantic setting in Santorini, Greece with a photographer capturing it all. Done. Easy, right? Wrong! Booking a trip to Greece was so far fetched.

Having traveled to 6 countries together already, it seemed like the right time to book a summer trip. My mother’s birthday is in June and she wanted to go to Italy. So we booked Italy! Rome, Praiano, Positano, Venice and Milan were our destinations and I couldn’t wait to spend my time there with my mom and boyfriend. Positano was extra special for George and I because we had spent months tagging each other to Positano pics on Instagram.

Finally, we made it to Italy! George informed me that when we were going to Positano we were going to have a day date. I was so excited to see what he had up his sleeve! The night before we were going to Positano I dreamt that he was proposing. When I woke up the next morning I immediately shook it off and forgot all about it as I knew it wasn’t going to happen. We arrived at Le Sirenuse, a cliffside hotel overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. To my surprise, this was a hotel I once tagged George to. We made our way to the pool to have drinks and take in the views. The setting was perfect. In between Bellini’s I began laughing and briefly mentioned my dream to George only to follow it with a “never mind” as I didn’t want to be the annoying girlfriend always bringing us proposals and marriage. We had lunch plans in the hotel but because it was too early that we decided to stroll around the hotel and see what else they had. As we made our way up the stairs he asked me to tell him about my dream. At first I hesitated and then, again, it came out like word vomit. We laughed and laughed as we made our way to the lobby’s balcony. On the balcony he grabbed my bags and set them to the side and asked “what if it wasn’t just a dream?”. I immediately started to cry because I knew exactly what was happening. And it was there, on the balcony overlooking Positano at Le Sirenuse, where the love of my life asked me to marry him, Lauren B box in hand and photographer in the distance capturing every single moment.

It was always him. He was always the one for me. I’m truly blessed to have fallen in love with someone who goes above and beyond. June 3rd will never be the same again!

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