Gabriela and Eric

Image 3 of Gabriela and Erichow they asked: Eric and I had been dating for 6 years before he proposed. I’ve always known I was going to marry him. Our relationship has always been a healthy one and so many people complimented us on it. He is my best friend and biggest support system. Even after 6 years, I look forward to seeing him.

He had told me he was planning a trip for him and I to go to Las Vegas, but I just assumed it was because I was on my spring break for school.

The night before he proposed he told me he was taking me to a Dodger stadium tour on the following day. My family and I are huge Dodger fans and I was thrilled, but still had a lot of packing to do. The next morning I woke up early to get ready since we had to be at the stadium by noon.

My family for some weird reason was getting ready to run errandsiwhich I thought was a bit out of the norm. Soon after, Eric picked me up and we were off to the stadium. As we arrived the tour guide let us know he was starting the tour with taking us to the field. I was beyond excited!

Once on the filed Eric wanted to take pictures which was very weird being that I am a picture person and he is not at all. After about 5 pictures, Eric decides to tell the guide he wanted to take one more picture, as soon as I turn back to ask why he was already on one knee.


Image 1 of Gabriela and EricAs I was standing in tears and in total shock, my family and his family come out of the dugout and I balled out in tears. It was so beautiful and I am so surprised he pulled it all off. Turns out the Las Vegas trip was to celebrate our engagement and not just because.

Image 2 of Gabriela and Eric