Gabriela and Daniel


How We Met

Daniel and I are from Brazil but from different cities and we met in a nightclub when we were just 18 years old in my city, São Paulo. A friend in common introduced us that night (July 12, 2009) and it was really funny because this friend introduced him like a golf player and I didn’t know anything about golf since in Brazil it is an uncommon sport to play. Well, during the first conversation I didn’t care about what he was talking because I just wanted to have fun with my friends instead meeting new guys, hours later we met in front of the restrooms and we started to talk until I was completely interested in everyword he was saying to me, then we kissed for the first time and since that day we are together.

It’s almost seven years in an unique relationship, we grew and learned together, we passed through lots of ups and downs, we lived magical and unique moments, and all of it happened by distance, he was in college in Miami when we met while I was in Brazil, and even when he graduated he started his career as a professional golf player, and that means that he traveled A LOT!

Distance is hard sometimes but it showed us that we belong to each other and no matter how or where we will always stay together! Since last year we live together in Miami like we always dreamed about.

how they asked

Daniel and I have the passion to travel and always when we have the chance we pack and go! We knew a lot of cities and countries together and separate, but until this year we had never been to New York and we always dreamed about seeing snow…sooo we linked the dots and decided to spend 10 days in NYC’s winter!

We arrived on Jan 16th and the next day we planned to visit Central Park. We had an amazing time that Sunday morning fascinated with all the park’s beauty and I was (as always) taking thousands of pictures of everything until we got close to Bow Bridge. It was such a stunning view, we had no words to describe our feelings of being in Central Park that day.

While we were crossing the Bow Bridge a strange woman came to me and gave me a piece of paper. In my mind I thought that she was a fortune teller or something like that and was after my money hahaha. I asked Daniel: – “Should I take this?” He: -“Sure, go ahead and read it…”. I openned the letter and It was writen the meaning of a bridge, why it is so important, how it connects two sides, its strength, and lots of romantic meanings…and in the end: “now, close your eyes…” I wasn’t sure of what was going on and I started to think that it was just a surprise from Daniel and not a PRO-PO-SAL till he started reading the continuation of the letter starting at: – “Now with your eyes closed take your imagination to July 12, 2009…” OH MY GOD thennnn I realised that it was a wedding proposal! It was the best moment of my life!!! The time simply stoped and all I could do was hear his lovely words and look into his eyes with my eyes filled with tears. Then in one knee he showed me the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen and asked me if I would marry him, for sure this was the most certain and emotional YES I ever said!

Ohhh, and the stranger that gave me the paper was the photographer that he hired! hahaha

It seemed that the day could not get any better until the time we felt the first snowflake in our faces! The weather forecast said that it would not snow that weekend but a blizzard passed through New York and we felt the first snowflake in our faces! The first snow of the 15/16 winter was that afternoon and made us the happiest couple of the universe!













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