Gabriela and Christian

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Crystal Bridges: Museum of American Art

How We Met

We are both in the military and met when the army brought me to a new college. Our very first date, Christian took me took Crystal Bridges, an art museum in a state close by. We fell in love looking at paintings and walking the trails. While out walking, we saw an older couple setting up a proposal for someone. A photographer and the older couple then hid in the bushes. Christian and I sat on a rock, in the rain, and teared up watching this young couple say yes!

how they asked

Almost a year later we went back to the museum, to see the different exhibits, and even though it was 20 degrees, decided to walk out to that rock we sat on a year before. On the trail, on the way out there I found sunflowers, my favorite flower, on our path, leading to our rock.

The rock had candles lit, and a homemade book filled with my favorite pictures, and the last page saying, “Will you grow old with me?” Of course, I said yes!

Proposal Ideas Crystal Bridges: Museum of American Art

Where to Propose in Crystal Bridges: Museum of American Art

And to make everything more beautiful he had our best friends and a photographer hiding in the bushes that set up and waited to congratulate us. I would say it was the best day of my life, but honestly, every day with Christian is the best day.

Gabriela's Proposal in Crystal Bridges: Museum of American Art

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