Gabriela and Anthony

How We Met

I’m an over-thinker, I sometimes fall into analysis paralysis, because like any human being on earth we all want to make sure that we choose and do the right things in life. This all means that when I decide on something, I thought it through over and over again. If I’m audacious enough to act on my decision and against my overthinking, well this must be the right choice in my life. God guided me throughout all these years, He worked on my heart and added wisdom and understanding, and I’m so grateful that most of it were for me to meet her, Gabriela.

How They Asked

She’s is the one my soul loved before I even met her. She is the one that I would defend and give my life for. She is the one I know my future and dreams are made with.

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She is a God sent woman that will walk with me and together we will fulfill our God-given purpose, calling and destiny. Oh yeah, and she said “yes!”

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Puerto Rico

None of this would have been possible without my dear and loving friends Alexandra Rodz and Samuel Enrique, and their company Artonico Weddings – Photography & Videography which helped doing this perfect proposal and decor. Every amazing moment was captured by the gift they have and the creativity they carry that are endless. Thank you guys for making this part of the dream come true. Now onwards to the next part!

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Special Thanks

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