Gabriela and Andres

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How We Met

We met almost 5 years ago when he came in to my work for an interview. They had misplaced his application, so we were stuck making awkward small talk and staring at each other for a while. He got the job. We got along instantly and a few weeks later, he asked me out. My mother had always told me not to date anyone I worked or went to school with, to avoid potential post-breakup uncomfortable situations. So I said no. He kept asking, and I kept saying no.. until I gave in. I agreed to “hang out” with him for what I thought would be a simple beach day. I was surprised when he took me snorkeling instead. He knew I was scuba dive certified and loved the outdoors, so he thought it would be fun. He also knew I loved Italian food, so after our fun-in-the-sun date, he took me to dinner at one of the most romantic Italian restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. I could never imagine a more perfect first date. We’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

I kept telling him how 2015 had been the best year of my life. I got the job of my dreams, I traveled for over a month, first with my boyfriend and then my sister, and I started two companies. I couldn’t get over how perfect my year had been and how I didn’t know if it was even possible for 2016 to top it.

Since we both had the day off, we decided to do something special on the last day of the year. Since neither of us had been to Vizcaya, and had hear amazing things, we decided to spend the day there and take some nice pictures. I even invited my best friend and her boyfriend to join us, but they were both working. The morning was beautiful, we got there before the day got too hot and before it got crowded. He then suggested we do the audio tour first and then go around taking photos, so we weren’t wearing the headphones in the pictures.

If you’ve ever been to Vizcaya, you know how beautiful it is, so I was eager to return the audio tour headphones and take some pictures. When we were walking around taking pictures, we arrived at a shaded spot he had mentioned was very, with a beautiful view. We went down some steps, he turned to me and started saying some beautiful things that I can’t remember but made me cry like a baby. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Before I could answer, he pointed to the side and I saw my best friend and her boyfriend holding a sign and my favorite photo of my boyfriend and I in a huge poster. How can a girl possibly say anything other than YES? It was definitely the best cherry on top of my year, and I am thrilled to spend 2016 planning the wedding with the man of my dreams.

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