Gabriela and Alejandro

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend. My friend took him to my university, and it was love at first sight. He sat beside me, talked and told me “you look beautiful” (that day looked terrible), of course, I fell in love melted. After passing two months, romantic dates, details and unique moments, I became his girlfriend.


how they asked

I have six years of dating, and my boyfriend has always amazed me, however, his proposal took my breath away (literally). The proposal was unique, charming and underwater… yes, underwater. My boyfriend (now fiance) propose to me diving in one of the beaches of Venezuela. On Saturday November 28, we went to Chichiriviche de La Costa, and there began the beautiful story.

I was afraid to find me a shark, but being with him gave me peace. Being ready to dive, I realized that one of the materials dive was a blackboard, it caught my attention, but fear not let me concentrate.

During our journey under the sea, we could see seahorses, lionfish, shoal of sardines, and many varieties of fish. Suddenly, he stands beside me and beckons me that wants to say something, when I turned to him, wrote “Will you marry me?”… I said YES.


Our Video

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Special Thanks

Diving lessons/photograph