Gabriela and Aaron

Gabriela and Aaron's Engagement in New Orleans

How We Met

Aaron and I met on a dating app. Yes, they really work. It’s one where the women have to send the message first so yea you can say I made the first move. Our first date was picked via another app where you spin a wheel and whatever restaurant it lands on is the place for our first date. You can call us adventurous. We met on a rainy day, about 2 weeks after meeting on the app, at an Asian restaurant and spend hours talking about our lives. I knew from that day he was going to be someone special.

How They Asked

For Christmas we planned to visit New Orleans in April for the first time together. We decided to travel instead of gifts. April came and we left on April 18th from Miami to New Orleans. We arrived and it was a gloomy, rainy day. We planned a couple of most sees throughout the trip and our first stop was trying beignets because we are both foodies at heart. He told me that we were going to drop off our bags and then hit the road since we arrived to New Orleans at 10am. We hit the road and Aaron said there is a new beignets spot right on the river. He said “Let’s go and experience beignets with a view”.

I followed of course scenic and food , two of my favorites. We arrived on the boardwalk and it was completely empty & no restaurants there. I was bummed. He asked me if I wanted a photo before we moved on. I said yes. He saw an older couple in the distance and said give me a moment I will ask them, just get ready. Well I am letting my hair down off a bun and putting down my bag. I turn around to let him know I am ready and he is on one knee. I instantly started crying and the waterworks didn’t stop. I said Yes! To my soulmate with no one around but him and I and this older couple. It was the best day of my life.

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