Gabi and Zach


How We Met

It all began in an accounting class at UNT… The fall semester of 2013 Zach and I were both taking accounting yet had no idea that the other was there. I sat with 2 of my soccer teammates in the middle and Zach was in the last row so we never had opportunities to see the other. We also had a computer class together but it took until the last day of the semester for us to have a conversation. We were 3 people apart in the computer class when Zach asked if I was in the accounting class from a conversation and I said “yes I am” and then we talked for a bit. Then I said “oh my name is Gabi”  and he said “my name is Zach” and then we didn’t speak again until the next time we ran into each other.

We ended up running into each other at our accounting final. There was a massive ice storm that altered finals week to where our accounting final got moved from the business building to the basketball arena. While looking for where our class was sitting I saw Zach and decided to see if he knew where we were. We decided to walk together to find our class. We sat down and quickly began talking before we had to take the final. Zach turned in his test first and as he walked by I was thinking I wouldn’t see him again and was slightly sad since we had a great conversation and had some things in common.  *I found out later on that Zach tried to talk to me all semester but was too nervous to!!*

A bit into winter break Zach and I became Facebook friends, thanks to a mutual friend, and Zach messaged me asking if I was taking a certain class in the spring and which section it was. We found out we were going to be in the same class of another subject and later Zach admitted to me that he switched into my section of the class just to be with me. So the first day of the spring semester rolls around and we are in the two classes together and sat next to each other and became friends. A few weeks into the semester we exchanged numbers and Zach mentioned the idea of grabbing dinner. We decided on doing Taco Tuesday as our first date. We went to Rusty’s Taco and ended up sitting and talking for 2 hours and an additional hour in the parking lot of my apartment because I didn’t even think to invite Zach inside. (He still pokes fun at me for that to this day).

February 1 was boy’s bid day so I went with some friends to watch Zach rush his fraternity. We hung out all day with some of his pledge brothers and before Zach left (he was commuting from Arlington at the time) he asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest is history!


how they asked

September 24 I went home to Austin to see my family for my birthday (9/23). I went by myself because Zach was working. When I got home my mom said Zach had sent down some birthday gifts. I was shocked because he already let me get my nails done (foudn out he did it for the proposal) and threw me a little surprise birthday dinner with some close friends the night before. He gave me a dress and some Kendra’s. My mom then said she had a photo-shoot set up for me to get some late graduation pictures with a photographer from my brother’s Eagle Scout ceremony the previous week so I said “ok fun!”. I decided to wear the dress and Kendra’s Zach gave me since I didn’t bring anything photo ready.

Around 3:30 my mom and I left to head downtown to meet the photographer. We arrived at this park like area next to the Long Center and we walked around for a bit looking for the spot to meet him. My mom kept saying “where are the stairs?” and then realized we needed to go to the Long Center. So we hopped in the car and drove next door and parked in the garage. As we started walking out of the garage I finally saw some stairs and said “oh this must be them mom!” so we headed toward them.

Without realizing I began to take the lead up the stairs and once I got to the top and saw the open area I was met with no one. I then looked to my right and there was Zach in a suit! I immediately shouted “what are you doing here?!” since he was supposed to be at work back up in the DFW area. He gave me a hug and then took my hand and started leading me to the end of the area where the skyline was right behind us. He started to say the sweetest words ever with tears in his eyes and I began to cry as I realized what was happening! He then started to reach for his pocket and pulled out a ring and got down on one knee and said “Gabi, will you marry me?” .



I of course said yes! We then went to dinner to celebrate at Austin Lane & Cattle. Words can’t describe how thrilled I am to spend forever with my best friend!!


Special Thanks