Gabi and Kevin

How We Met

We met when Gabi switched middle schools in 7th grade. We think it was in Ms. Valentine’s English class where we first became friends. Though we both had “crushes” on each other’s best friends.. we eventually admitted that we liked each other and started “dating” at the end of 7th grade into high school. We took a little bit of a hiatus in high school, but started dating again where they both ended up at college – Penn State. The rest is history!

Image 1 of Gabi and Kevin

how they asked

Gabi was completely unsuspecting – she had gone to the gym that morning, showered there, and went straight to meet her friends at a bar in Battery Park (she thought). Kevin had told Gabi he was going to Philadelphia that morning to pick up something up from his parents house, and had asked Gabi to go out to a nice dinner that Saturday night when he got back. What Kevin actually did… was go get changed in Gabi’s car, went into the City to meet the photographer, buy flowers, and set up the location in Battery Park. He was hiding in the park off a trail where he thought Gabi would definitely walk, but she went the wrong way and ended up in the bar. Gabi was confused at the bar because her friends weren’t there and weren’t answering her calls. She was about to just get a drink when she got a text that they had switched bars – to another bar on the opposite side of the park. Gabi started walking quickly to the other bar and actually passed where Kevin was hiding. He missed her because he was looking down at his phone to coordinate with her friends who were also panicking at this point. Gabi ended up at the other bar which had a sign hanging on the door that said “closed for a private event.” This is when she started to get suspicious. Kevin ran over to the bar, and he walked her over to where he had planned to propose with the Statue of Liberty in the background. A photographer was hiding to capture it all!

Image 2 of Gabi and Kevin

Image 3 of Gabi and Kevin

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