Gabi and Brian

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How We Met

Brian and I met under very chance circumstances. I went to Wagner College, on Staten Island, NY, and was in the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. My little, Shannon, continually tried to set me up with people she knew. Every. single. one. failed miserably and I was about to tell her no more, I’m out, but she said she had one more person she wanted me to talk to. You see, Shannon was, and still is dating Danny Kats, who happened to have a twin brother: Brian Kats. While I was at Wagner College studying to be a nurse, Brian was at University at Buffalo studying business, we skyped and texted almost every day. We kept this up for about a month, and then taking a huge chance having never met him in person, I invited him to my sorority’s Formal, where we would meet for the first time.

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The day Brian arrived on campus I was so nervous I could barely breathe. It’s a lot of pressure meeting someone face to face for the first time knowing they’re supposed to be your formal date the next night! Well as luck would have it, Brian was just as perfect in person as he was over Skype. The rest you can say is history, we endured a long distance relationship for over 2 years, traveling between Buffalo and Staten Island, and his hometown of Long Island and my hometown of Narragansett, Rhode Island. But the distance didn’t matter, or the fact that we only got to see each other about once a month. After we both graduated and I received my first nursing job in New York, we moved into our adorable little apartment in Park Slope, in Brooklyn where we started our next chapter.

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how they asked

Gabi was an anxious wreck over me proposing because that’s one of her specialties: worrying. She worried about whether or not she would be working on the day I proposed, whether her nails would be done and would she look pretty. With the help of a few of her closest friends and her sister, we kept her in the dark, even though she didn’t make it easy. The day before I proposed she was frantically texting one of her best friends, Amanda, freaking out that she would be working the day I was planning on proposing.

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And even the day of the proposal, she was texting her best friend Alli about the same thing, but Alli also made sure to tell Gabi “nope it’s very much not happening today (Valentine’s Day), sorry.” Little did she know what was in store for her that night. I got her out of the house on the pretenses of getting her nails done before we would have our Valentine’s Day dinner which I was making (see Gab, I always listen!). After dinner was finished I told her we were going to watch a movie, and then I put on the video I had been working on for two years.

Our Video